Post Your Background/Fanart Finds


Title says it all, post cool things you’ve found that you don’t take credit for so that others can see it.

If it is yours, by all means take credit for it, obviously, but if it’s not mentioned, it’s assumed you didn’t make it.

And my new background I found.

Greatly reduce latency issues when playing on ggpo

Heh, turned some guy’s GGPO thread in SF3 forum into un-official fanworks when he posted where his avatars came from.

Via Booru’s, more often than not the Safebooru, and thus Pixiv where they grabbed em from.
Saved a few before I knew which color mean artist name. We can all go back later and grab them for credit and more of their work.

Not quite wallpaper sized unless you have smaller resolutions, will blow em up which will work, or phones/tablets.