Post your cvs2 rant here!

We all like to talk about cvs2. Previously, all threads have had a specific purpose, like team formation, or ask a question, or focus on a chararcter… Well, what if we remove the guidelines? Post your CVS2 rant here!

Japan’s latest tourney = Inspriation

I’ll start with Gunter’s post of the latest singles tourney footage in Japan.

I was really excited to see non-orthodox character selections like C-Chang, C-Dhalsim, and C-Maki be successful this late in the game’s tournament lifespan.

If you’re like me, you have tons of matchups of A-are on file. It’s refreshing to have new, different data to absorb.

I think these guys are a shining examples of playing a character you are best with, even tho that character might be only middle-tier, and being intelligent, defiant and hard-working to get results.

My team is Yama/Guile/Sagat (I’m going to Evo West, btw). I’ve been trying to drop Yama for Blanka, but the truth is my Yama is better. After seeing this jpn tournament, it strengthens my resolve that I can make my Yama go the distance!

If there’s anyone else out there running oddball/top tier/top tier, there’s still hope for guys like us!

debate-able tier / mid tier / debate-able tier here

One of my favorite players to watch is Rai. K-Mai/Sagat/Hibiki. His Mai seems to decimate Bison, Sagat and Sakura players very easily. I really learn a lot everytime I watch him play. Seems to have some trouble vs Vega I’ve found though.

If he ever comes to Evo, he’s the only japanese guy I’d be cheering for. I’d be cheering for america first though. Go Buk, Combofiend, Justin, Ricky!

I’m just not a big fan of Bas and Kindevu even though they are probably better than Rai.

I like Nakanishi and Choi vids because you’re hard pressed to find Guile footage anywhere else.

Man, I used to play CVS2 in the early days at SVGL - back when choi, buk, tragic, nelson and others used to be regulars. I really took that environment for granted. That’ll be a rant for another day =)

i think blanka is the coolest

i think eagle is top tier because…oops, already tried that:rofl:

but i think A-hibiki is really underplayed (at least in the US) when you consider all of her CC options, most of them absolutely guaranteed. she does have some bad matchups, but you’re nearly guaranteed to get a CC off at some point, plus every character has some sort of bad or unfavorable matchup.

maki is also a ton of fun to play. i like C/A best, maybe because i’ve never been a good N or K groove player. i guess seeing the new iyo vids reminded me of all the setups and tricks to use.


C-Guile isn’t top tier anymore. No way is he higher tier than C-Ken.

C-Yun and C-Kyosuke should be the same tier, don’t know if it should be Mid or Low-Mid.

P-Chang is a beast and a hidden gem.


I use A-Hibiki.

She has major issues with a couple of key characters that can be found in any position. Plus she has major issues against K/P.

Her CC set-ups, while it is easy to land something, don’t lead to major damage against people that know what’s going on.

I can fully understand why people don’t use her. There are better options at any place you would put her on your team.

Still, I love her. We get it the fuck in.

EDIT- I am intrigued by A-Hibiki’s sudden spike in popularity in Japan.

I dont understand why Sagats think they can jump on yama all day. Yama beats and I’m pretty sure d.fierce trades against Also stored level 2 is amazing anti air. His GC is awesome and is so buff at keeping you out its ridiculous what people think they can get away with against him. People think they can rush yama down all day and jump in on him cause he “sucks” (aka mid tier) even though they really cant.

When iyo plays C maki, everyone creams.

Only man I’ve ever seen link into Maki’s running kick super. :looney:

I heard i look like Iori.

Hey, my favorite (and best team) are C-Mai, C-Ryu, and (switches out occasionally) C-Dan/Rugal/Akuma/Terry…is that oddball enough of a team for ya? And usually, my Mai manages to take down 2 people before she finally goes out (that is, unless she decides to never do what I need her to do…).

i don’t think its that “people” think that they can jump in on yama all day cause they can’t but i believe the factor is that its one of the few options sagat only really has to get in and lucky rolls for sagats that have roll. yama out pokes sagats s.short and relying on s/c.fierce for pokes is unrealistic, sagats s.forward is his best poke against yama in distance but also takes the longest to recover. unless you can tell me how a sagat can get in on yama besides run in c.rh for wake up games, jump in, physic(sp?) jab dps, and random lucky rolls i honestly can’t think of any other options as of right now. if you can think of a few i didn’t mention, great cause i would like to hear it so i can use it against you next practice session we meet.

Sagat doesnt need to get in on yamazaki. Sagat outzones and outpokes yamazaki. Preemptive st.fierce and cr fierce beats almost everything yamazaki has. Sagat also has one of the best rolls in the game and he can risk a roll if he needs to get in. Sagat also can psychic jab dp, whats he going to eat? a roundhouse? Sagat does have a lot of life and can risk it.

do you really have tunnel vision THAT bad?

We tell you constantly that Sagat beats Yama, and ways to do so. Read what craig said and for fucks sake apply something we tell you to apply for once. It’s been like, 6 months and you haven’t done ANYTHING differently. Listen to us (and the good players on here) and apply. It just seems like you absorb all this knowledge and do nothing with it. Apply, Henry, apply.

I was writing a long post about how Iyo’s Dhalsim doesn’t get enough attention compared to his Maki, but I lost it. Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that sim (not unlike Guile) needs to play consistent in order to do well because he usually does small bits of damage which add up over time. Maki’s got more to work with IMO, so the fact that his sim does this well is really admirable.

sim is dirty. his only problem is once the pressures on him, he has a tough time stopping it. you gotta be really, really smart to be able to play him competetively like that.

I think P and K Sim have trouble getting someone off of them once pressure is applied, but who the fuck plays P and K Sim?

Sim with alpha counter/Roll is good. If he was a tiny bit faster, he’d easily move up into the top tier, IMO.

i don’t think he needs speed that much. he’s weird because he’s at his best when he’s in your face spamming all those shorts and mp’s. they counter hit all day so you eat one thing, then another, then a super, and you lost a decent amount of life pretty quick. the second you start hitting him though, it’s like all those good buttons start sucking hard.

i still remember when iyo was playing that wacky n dhalsim and fucking people up. no one expected or knew how to fight a GOOD dhalsim. he’s getting the respect that he deserves lately, even though i basically see him played the same way as always, or at least the way i always thought he should be played.

k kim is lethal. imo, he is the most underrated k groove character. has no really glaring weaknesses, destroys guard for free, can combo into super off of almost anything, and has a pretty strong bread and butter combo courtesy of that creescent kick or whatever it’s called. i’m always surprised more people don’t play him.

and me and flash were discussing this the other day, and as more and more people play outside the top tier, we see how much fun you can really have in cvs2 while still being competetive. no amount of work will ever make the mid or high mid dethrone the top 5 or whatever, but it’s not as one sided as it used to be.