Post your Desk

Alright, so there’s a post your Desktop thread…
But why don’t we post our actual desks(-tops!)

Here’s what I mean:

There is my desk all nice and labeled.
Sorry for the mess x_x

Looks like you have the One Piece wallpaper.

And you didn’t even label it!

I used to sport that wallpaper. Nice.

nm I guess…

EDIT: didnt click on the link, guess you mean the literal top of your desk.

Lol, yeah. I was trying to be witty… desktop… desk-top… you get it :stuck_out_tongue:

Holly molly bro. You live in a dungeon or something? :crybaby:

Almost… a college dorm :stuck_out_tongue:

i ain’t tryin to know about your peanut jar fam

lol, its actually empty. I dunno why its still on my desk.

Also, more people post pics!!

here’s my desk…a decade ago.

This is mine… just right now.

Ninja Edit:
I think op should edit the name of the topic… lots of people actually think that we are posting screenshots of the PC…

Wtf, is that a gun on the top right?

and a bag o chronic… thats gangsta :looney:

Those iMacs were amazing a decade ago. I remember my school upgraded to iMacs and we’d all argue to see who got to use them. Noone wanted to play Oregon Trail on the old Power Macs.

Oregon Trail! :mad:

@Atryu :nice desktop area~

i love mountain dew :bgrin:

misc stuff on my desk

Yeaaah, Holga!

What monitor is that on the left? It looks nice!

woah big image…


Yeah it’s a mess… /sigh

i see you are building a tower out of dr pepper cans. much respect for that.