Post your Dreamcast Agetec Stick MOD pictures


post picture of your agetec mod




Can someone take a pic of the agetec pcb or tell me what color wire goes to what button? I just bought the pcb and I want to know what goes to what.


@ Raoul Duke…i’ve posted a tutorial here… …where you can se a video tutorial with picture and instruction about the color of the wires :wink: to the buttons and to the sticks

@ I ilovepeoplex123 this is the mine


Not the best pic, but hope this helps.

LP - Brown
MP - Red
HP - Orange
LK - Blue
MK - Green
HK - Yellow
Start - Purple
Ground - Gray


Thanks guys, very helpful:tup:


I love your mods Aripug.


Thanks :wink:


Cthulhu board
Plexi by Art
Design by me
Print by Mame marquees
Vinyl Dye
JLF +LS-32 spring
Sanwa buttons
Going to add Xbox PCB, RJ-45


@ SGGG2 Your agetec is W O N D E R F U L!!! :slight_smile:


Cthulhu boards + Agetec PCBs
Sanwa buttons and Sticks
Also an pretty unique solution for home button ( a switch that switches the start button, between start and home )


here are mine:
the old one, with Sanwa JLF and OSBF

and the newer, with JLF and Seimitsu PS-14-KN
and pcb ps2/pc/ps3


That 2nd 1 looks mint