Post your favorite peice that you have done


Im sure everybody has their favorite peice of artwork that they have done so lets see them.

It is hard for me to decide but I’m going to go with this pic of Raven I did in photoshop. Guess its because this was my first pic I done in Shop that actually worked.


It’s a tie between Gill and Ryu. Gill for the sheer effort and detail (even if his left foot is off), Ryu for the dynamics of the pose.

click on the names to see the art. (I didn’t want to flood the board)


Yo, I remeber these

I really liked that Gill. Nicely detailed and I know it was pain staking with all the feather for his wings


this is the best ive colored. now i cant even color a shoe and make it look any decent…


I don’t get this, how exactly do you post your pics; I keep attaching files from paint but it never appears?:bluu: Thanx in advance!:slight_smile:


Check the file size shadow, your pic might be too big.

That’s some nice coloring Klak, Is this your first time posting this pic, cuz I’ve never seen it.


I <3 that Gill pic so much.


So, my favorite are that, dont because the style, but the colors, if illumination in full white.


cuz i have a webhost.