Post your ideas for fighting game fan fics

Well, I might cancel my Street Fighter fan fic, because I’m doing it on another forum called Blood Sports. However, let’s post our fan fic ideas that we might take into completion.

Dead or Alive: The Rose and the Dragon
Story- It basically follows the entire Dead or Alive series, however, it also sees how Kasumi and Ryu Hayabusa are falling in love, as they are both looking for Hayate. This is very focused on fighting, but it is also focused on how the two ninjas are growing more attracted to each other.

Tekken 6: A New Reality Awaits
Story- Jin Kazama absorbed Jinpachi’s power, and fell unconscious, after doing so, only to awaken to see Asuka Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, and Hwaorang. Jin inherits the Mishima Zaibatsu and so, Asuka keeps searching for Feng Wei, but he’ll be hard to defeat, now that he knows the full Shinken Fist Style. Jin starts a new tournament to lure Kazuya and Heihachi out of hiding, so, he can kill them and end his curse. However, he has to defeat his evil side, the Devil. Can he do so and free himself from ultimate evil?

Street Fighter 4
Story- Ryu has completed his 7-year training with Oro and now proceeds to completing his promises to Sakura and Sagat. However, he has also discovered a love for Chun Li, who found him, after a huge battle with Akuma. Akuma, still retaining his evil ways, is trying to make Ryu his apprentice, while Gill is still trying to conquer Earth.

Sakura has graduated college and is looking to start a life as a writer. She meets a student of Ansatsuken named Rinkai, who is looking for Ryu. The two train together and soon, Sakura finds someone that has matched her powerful skills. The two both look for Ryu, afterwards. However, Sakura is approached by clones of her and Karin Kazanuki, who are Satsuki and Sarah. She suspects that Bison has returned, as these two are looking to start a new life.

Ken’s son, Mel, now 13, has become an experienced Ansatsuken student, while Sean has graduated and is fighting across the globe. However, Sean is captured by Vega and Rolento, who are serving the evil clone of Bison, Bison M2. Bison had one last trick and now, he is targeting all the fighters in the world to be his servants. When Ryu learns, will he be able to slay this clone?

…alot of trying on the bad guy parts…is Dr. Silus present in all of this?

I don’t get it. I’d like to see Ryu and Chun Li together and you’re taking that like it’s a bad thing. Also, Sakura is a fully grown woman in her early twenties, fresh out of college. I’d like to say, she wouldn’t be in a school uniform, anymore, but a sexier outfit(Not a slut. I like fighting game chicks. Not in a weird way, but a fanboy sense.) Gen would have been killed by Akuma, therefore, Yun, Yang, Lee, and Fei Long would look for the demonic warrior. Chun Li would find love for Ryu in her heart, also, and find that Ryu likes her, too. Also, you can see plenty of Capcom characters duking it out in a story like this.

Mel would have plenty of great fighting skills and would probably be a bit less good than Sean, but better than Dan. Sean, however, is not a weak fighter, anymore. Neither is Sakura(I didn’t think she was weak, but she was not as great as Ryu or Ken.) Ken, when he is angry at Bison for kindapping Sean, so, Savage Ken appears. Evil Ryu only appears, when his friends are being hurt by Akuma. The new clone of Bison wants to fight Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma to see their ultimate, dark powers.

Satsuki and Sarah have the same moves as Sakura and Karin, and wear outfits like Juli and Juni's own outfits. Cammy, however, fits into a new lifestyle, living a life of peace. She wants nothing else to do with Shadowlaw at all and is working for Delta Red. Chun Li, meanwhile, is living her own life of peace, training students in her martial arts style, including a new student, an 18-year-old girl named Shai Lin, who is quite sexy, herself. Guile, after finding out that Charlie is alive, having been taken by Bison and put under his control, is after Bison's ass like a demon.

I just finished my X-Men vs. Street Fighter Fan Fic minus the Epilogue and Special thanks section that will come soon. Woot! Woot! I feel like John Grisham! Don’t say sano doesn’t finish his fan fics! Next month I will go back to writing Fighter X on the regular and my X-Men vs. SF fan fic will continue in a sequel, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter of course which will start in 2006. What can I say about it… I can’t reveal much, but -

  • Naturally every character in the game will be in the fic. Even some of the ‘swaps’ lol!

  • The story will be on a Global scale, instead of everything happened in one area it will take place around the world and then some.

  • Towards the end their will be an extra amount of bonus fights. This is mostly because MSH vs. SF has the worst cast of all of the Marvel Crossovers IMHO. All of the bonus fights added will be of characters that have appeared in MVC2 so these will be fights you can have yourself in one Capcom game or another, I’m not about to start having Daredevil beat up on Norimaro oooh…

  • Some classic Marvel fights that happened a zillion times before will happen in the Fic. So what if Marvel’s done them in the past? I haven’t! Plus they fight a bit differently in the games, they don’t really scream out move names when they brawl ha ha! All I’ll say is Wolverine and Sabretooth, oh yeah! Unlike Marvel being nice to the kiddies there will be blood and guts all over the place mwahahahaha!

  • I was pretty mysterious about Abyss’s role in X-Men vs. SF. More will be revealed about my take on Abyss as my ultimate plan is to go all the way up to MVC2 when all will be revealed.

  • I have my own reasons but the story will break further away from Marvel’s mainstream continuity. There were some changes to Marvel’s continuity in X-Men vs. SF but none too drastic. A few major Marvel events will occur in MSH vs SF Fic so I don’t have to go re-explain what happened in the comic books when I get up to writing the Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and 2 Fics. For SF, the story is pretty much a replacement for everything that happens in the SFZ/Alpha series.

And that’s all I’m at liberty to say. :karate:

Hmm…well, I guess my stories would be considered fan-fics too so here are what a friend and I are working on:

The King of Fighters Saga
Origin Series- (Shigen & Ursprung)
Since there are really no other stories that I have found or heard about the older characters in the series, this is a prequel to the series.

Shigen: Hakkyokuseiken
Story set upon Tung Fu Rue’s earlier days at perfecting his own style of the Baji Quan and his meeting with some of the familiar “old-timers” of the more recent KoF entries. It also goes through the motions of him opening a dojo in Southtown and having both Jeff and Geese as students that leads up to the tragic events of Jeff’s death and his lamentation of the event.

Ursprung: Tainted
A look into the childhoods of the two half-brothers: Wolfgang Krauser & Geese Howard. Though the story will mostly likely focus mainly on the path Geese Howard chooses to make him the man he is today. The story takes place seven years after Geese is born and his mother is punished for having him out of wedlock. Wolfgangs story starts about the same place if not earlier. It continues through the following events: The cross-scar on Wolfgangs forehead, the death of Rudolph Krauser, the death of Kobujutsu master, the organization of Geeses criminal empire, the circumstances that lead to the marriage of Geese and Marie and the real reason for the 92 tourney of King of Fighters.

Shigen: Ryuuko no Ken
This story follows the few events that shaped the world that Ryo Sakazaki will live, due to the choices his father, Takuma, had made. One, being the duel against a Kisaragi Ninja that leads to Eiji’s distaste for the style and their followers and another is the marriage to an American woman and the birth of his half-American/half-Japanese children. When the Sakazaki clan moves to Southtown a tragic event happens that pushes Takuma to join the '82 tourney of the King of Fighters; and the outcome will change the relationship with his family.

Shingen: Shiranui Gaiden
During the Heian Period of Japan, there have been people who excorsised evil spirits and demons. They were usually under the employ of the Heian emperor and the royal families. There were different clans who practiced this art and used their techniques to ward off supernatural forces, this clan is named Mochizuki. Although the Mochizuki clan was well known as a Koga shinobi-no-mono, there were some who studied along with them. The Mochizuki Clan were among the most respected in their field. That is until one day they encountered a demon and the lord of the manor did not think that the current member of the Mochizuki could handle such a task on his own. Thus, he called on the assistance of the Shiranui, another clan of Koga. Delaying Mochizuki, the Shiranui ninja seal and dispose of the demon leaving the member of the Mochizuki flustered and angered. This started the rivalry between the two clans.

Later on in life, the current heir of the Mochizuki clan, Sokaku, has had to clash with the head of the Shiranui clan, Hanzo. The conflict between the families continues with them, resulting in continuous stalemates. However, during 1992 Hanzo passes away and word reachs Sokaku who honors the warrior from his Buddhist temple.
(Since I have no idea if the Shiranui is a branch of the Koga, I had to look up the little info I had and make the assumption that they were)

…and of course I want to try to fill in the gaps between characters and the time between tournaments. Like for instance: Athena & Kensou’s story based losely on the Athena game on PS and the actually Psycho Solider game; the Ikari warriors based from their games (Probably just I & III); and someone said that Geese was in Super Spy which I could use for a character that’s mentioned only once in a character’s background history.

And not to forget the actual installments that make the series so great:

The King of Fighters 1992: The Battle of Fate (focuses on FF1 & AoF1)
The King of Fighters 1993: The New Battlefield (focuses on FF2)
The King of Fighters 1994: Next Generation (focuses on KoF 94)
The King of Fighters 1995: The Omega Strain (focues on KoF 95 and then FF3)
The King of Fighters 1996: Blood Awakening (focues on AoF3 and then KoF 96)
The King of Fighters 1997: 4th Fire (focues on KoF: Kyo & KoF 97 )
The King of Fighters 1998: Neo Blood (focues on RB series and then KoF EX1)
The King of Fighters 1999: Burning D.N.A (focues on KoF 99)
The King of Fighters 2000: 00 (focues on KoF 00)
The King of Fighters 2001: Reconstruction Plan (focues on KoF 01)
The King of Fighters 2002: Blood Howling (focues on KoF EX2)
The King of Fighters 2003: Tainted Heroes (focues on KoF 03)

And until I figure out how well MI series messes into it, that’s the list for KoF series. I also was doing a Tekken series and Mega Man X series (though I know that’s not a fighting game) story. Tell me what you guys think (though I didn’t give too much info on the crux of the series).

Also, with my friend we were debating on doing an SF storyline that covers before SF1 all the way up to SF3: Third Impact. We also decided to include the Rival Schools storyline a bit just for a change in pace as well.

Sano I like to note that Cyber Akuma is probably made from celestial tech since Apocalypse has used celestial technology many times before.


It’s been a while, but I like to write again about a Capcom post production-party. I’ve written one long ago but that’s lost. Lots of in jokes and such. I’d call it the CFJ afterparty.


You put that up on Bowling Pin’s thread that challenged us to write a fic within a small timeframe. It shouldn’t be gone I don’t think unless the Forum monster ate the entire thread.

Here it is. Last post.

Will the Shiranui Gaiden focus on Andy and Mai’s relationship, as well? They make a good couple, together. Also, here is my idea for a Street Fighter fan fiction series(Revised)-

Pre-Street Fighter Gaiden
Okay, this story tells about how Akuma became evil and how Ryu graduated. Also, it tells how he met Chun Li, as a kid. He falls in love with her, when he comes to visit the Tiger Claw Palace. Makoto, a student at his school who had a crush on him, eventually learns that her father is fighting Akuma and soon, she comes to see Gouken’s body. It also tells that Sakura is a student of Ryu and she is on summer vacation. Makoto is also a good friend of hers, as they have been friends as children.

Street Fighter- World Warrior Tournament
Chun Li, Dan, Ken, Sean, Sakura, Makoto, Ryu, Yun, and Yang enter the World Warrior USA tournament in New York City and are going to fight alot of opponents, such as warriors from all the Street Fighter games like Sagat, Adon, Elena, and more. It tells Ryu’s battle against Sagat and how Sagat earned the scar on his chest.

Street Fighter Generations
Ryu is searching for Akuma alone, leaving Sakura and the others behind. However, Chun Li tells Ryu his feelings and he promises he’ll be back for her. However, a conspiracy is underway, as Shadowlaw, a terrorist organization, has recruited Akuma and put several World Warrior fighters under mind control. Now, Ryu’s battle is with a greater enemy than merely Akuma.

Street Fighter- Revelation
Chun Li and Ryu are married, 15 years after Shadowlaw has fallen. Akuma was presumed dead in the explosion of Bison’s base. However, he didn’t die and is wandering the world. Also, a strange organization called the Illuminati has risen, taking former Shadowlaw holdings and owning stocks of several companies across Earth as Illuminus Corporations, which is disguised as a weapons’ trade service. Ryu and Chun Li become tangled in, when Dan and Ken are kidnapped. Sean has to look for his master at the side of Ken’s son, Mel Masters, who is a pretty good fighter, himself. Ayame and Mugen, Ryu’s two children, are also compelled to touch up on their skills. Now, former Shadowlaw soldiers have joined the Illuminati to conquer the world.

Hmm…probably a bit more on Mai’s relationship with her clan & grandfather (since she always seems to act like a typical teenage girl and not an heiress to a shinobi clan) but I was going to use the main story to probably hash that relationship out…but I dunno, I’ll just write that segment (Andy & Mai relationship) and figure out where to place it later.

Yea know, speaking of relationships…what’s up with Terry and Mary? I still haven’t got an official story about why they broke up (or if they even did).

They never say what happened since Blue Mary’s not in Mark of the Wolves. We’ll have to wait on MOTW2 if that ever comes out.

Given SNK’s track record I’m willing to bet that they don’t wind up together, Blue Mary gets tired of his Lone Wolf Ass standing her up all of the time and dumps him. Paving the way for B.Jenet and Terry which won’t work out either in the end. :rofl: SNK is in the habit of making these relationships and/or unrequited love pairings that that never work out or stick. Haohmaru and Charlotte, Galford and Nakaruru, Genjuro and Shiki, Ryo and King, Kensou and Athena, Robert and Yuri, and of course the main one Andy and Mai, another match up MOTW doesn’t answer or resolve.

Well…they resolved that Haohmaru and Charolette thing with the slight tidbit that Haohmaru already has a woman (forgot her name but she was also in the first SS1 ending), and the Galford and Nakaruru thing was resolved because Nakaruru is a spirit and apparently that kind of relationship can’t be done (they need to watch the Ghostbusters movie…Ray got some good…erm…service), I…don’t think that Genjuro and Shiki would ever happen, I think Shiki’s got the hots for Yuga (the real form of Asura), Ryo and King/Robert and Yuri…well, Takuma’s working on it. ::laughs::

The only thing I can figure is that Andy is no longer a V-man by '99 (bout time, man!) with his intro vs Mai. But he hasn’t left her just…no marriage yet.

Stupid question time: Anyone play the new Garou that came out on Playstation 2 (import-only, sadly) or read anything that they may have changed about it since they did KoF 03?

Oh, I know what became of Haohmaru and Charlotte and Nakaruru and Galford but by resolved I mean that these pairings never work out in the end. So Terry and Blue Mary is probably right up there with not working out. He is the Lone Wolf afterall, can’t exactly get married and start cranking out babies. At least until all of the Fighting Games end.

Tekken: The Ultimate Championship
Story- Kazuya Mishima, a 45 year old martial arts champion, has a son named Jin, who is 16, and a wife named Jun Kazama. He seems to live a good life, but Kazuya has a troubled past. Kazuya was thrown off a cliff by his father, but he lived and found a dark power surging through his body, when he was a kid. Eventually, Kazuya fought in tournaments, trying to use his potential to his full extent. Now, Jin bears the same curse and it is up to him to defeat Heihachi and stop the curse within.

With his cousin, Asuka, his rival, Hwaorang, and his best friend, Ling Xiaoyu, the four travel to the King of Iron Fist Tournament, which is being held by Heihachi Mishima. However, a dark battle awaits in the tournament. Can Jin conquer the evil in his family bloodline? The Tekken story, in this fan fic, comes centuries after Soul Calibur. Yoshimitsu, seeing how the Devil Gene was broken off of Soul Edge and his ancestor once held a Soul, has to aid Jin Kazama, also trying to get the prize money to help the poor. Ling Xiaoyu practices martial arts at the Ling Sheng Su academy, taking lessons from her grandfather, Wang Jinrei, who has several weapons held by the Chinese warriors from Soul Calibur. Wang Jinrei is also a friend of Kazuya’s grandfather. In this story, Jin is the main character, but Kazuya eventually gets thrown into the mix, where he and Jin will fight as master and apprentice.

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
Story-Basically explains MK1 and MK2 in one story, as it follows a story similar to Shaolin Monks, only, a bit more epic. I thought Shaolin Monks is a great game and is canon. I assume that all the main villains killed were brought back by Shinnok, however, I cannot dwell on that. The reason I think MKSM is cool is because it is more epic than the other MK games and is true to the roots of the series, unlike the second movie, where it defies it.

Street Fighter
Story- After defeating a powerful warrior named Victor Sagat in a tournament, Ryu finds that the Dark Hadou was used, giving Sagat a scar that ripped his chest and left blood all over it. Gen, a martial arts master that Ryu fought in the tournament, knows of this power, and feels that a dark power is behind it all. This power was triggered byRyu’s intent to win, thus enabling it to control him, thus allowing Ryu to defeat Sagat. Ryu, now confused and afraid of the possibilities, runs to see his master, Gouken. However, Akuma, the one Gen talked about, killed Gouken. Ryu knew the story of Akuma, who was the one controlling Ryu and Gouken’s brother.

Now, Ryu has to defeat this evil warrior and avenge his master, however, he learns of a more sinister plot to control the world being formulated by Vega, a power-hungry general who holds a dark power, which is comparable to the Dark Hadou. Ryu learns that Akuma is working alongside Bison and soon, Ryu’s battle is no longer with merely Akuma- It’s with an evil mastermind. Also, Ryu and Chun Li are in love in this story.

Ryu/Evil Ryu
Chun Li
Fei Long
Dee Jay

Dead or Alive Story 1- Ninja Gaiden
Story- Kasumi is a runaway ninja from the Mugen Tenshin Clan in search of her older brother, Hayate. Along the way, she runs into Ryu Hayabusa, who is to keep a promise to Hayate to protect her. She finds out that Ryu lost his clan, because of the evil Vigoor Empire and its leader, Doku. Doku has taken the Dark Dragon Blade and Ryu has to get it back. Ayane, Kasumi’s sister, is out to kill her and anyone who aides her. Ryu eventually falls in love with Ryu and will not let anyone hurt him on his quest.

Dead or Alive: The Tournament
Story- Kasumi, still on the run from Kasumi, has no clue where Hayate is, but she finds out that she has been cloned. Hayate is known as ‘Project Epsilon’ to DOATEC, a military organization and the sponsor of the Dead or Alive fighting tournament, in which martial artists from around the world fight each other in a contest of martial arts. However, only the strongest win. Kasumi is out to learn the truth and joins the tournament with Ryu, eventually catching Ayane’s eye(Has characters from all the games.) Also, Helena Douglas is out to find out who killed her parents, one of whom is the leader of the Dead or Alive organization. A man named Donovan hires an assassin to protect her, however, what is Donovan’s true intentions? And what is the strange force that caused Hayate to lose his memory?

Mortal Kombat: Deception
Story- Continuing after Deadly Alliance, it follows the story of the game, telling the story of Shujinko and how his quest becomes one to save the realms. Shujinko unknowingly unleashed the evil Onaga and with the Kamidogu’s energy, he could escape. Now, Raiden has come back to life in a dark, evil form, which happens to be Shinnok’s spirit in disguise. However, nobody knows it. Also, Shao Kahn is waiting for the oppurtune moment to attack again, as he and Goro are forced to hide in the shadows.

I have had one brewing in my mind.


Ryu - Strange path for the World Warrior.

This would be an inter-universal fanfic, featuring many caracters from many settings (Capcom, SNK Marvel, Namco, anime) but starring Ryu (as do alot).


Ryu has just defeated Sagat. M.Bison, grows interest in him after hearing about this. After the effects of the Satsui no Hado in his fight, Ryu sets out train, and find Akuma to learn about the Hado. Before he can, he’s confronted by an unearthly creature who seems to be as powerful as Akuma! It’s Demitri. He doesn’t know about the happening, but he knows Ryu has some great power, for a “weak human”, and he wants to feed this night.

Ryu is challenged, with the ultimate possesion on the line, his life. Demitri shows Ryu the difference between a human, and a higher form of life, such as him. Ryu draws forth the dark power, but even then, it’s not enough for the huge difference in power.

Demitri uses Midnight Bliss, as the dazed Ryu stands there, Demitri has 2 options, drain his will and make him a servant, or feed on his esscence. This power is great, and he decideds to feed.

(In this universe, the porperty is changed (EX: hadoken is Kamekameha-esque in anime/ fanifics) Therefore, when that move is used the person is stuck, because Dem normally always kills them.

After the change, Demitri’s feeding is interrupted by…guess.

The help comes at a cost to Ryu. He’s up and aware, and he notices a little something. He’s a bitch!

Akuma tells him what must be done to “cure” him. He must be able to defeat Demitri. Ryu is also told that giving in to the darkness is the best way to reach the goal. Additionally, he’s told, by his “savior”, he’ll only be strong enough to fathom the fight he wants, if he can defeat Demitri. Ryu is left, with a new understanding of Akuma’s power(and female body) and knows what to do.

Thus begins the new path. The path is littered, new foes, old foes, new freinds, old friends, new rivalries, and more. He will find that there’s far more than just defeating Demitri, and facing Akuma, especially when people like MAGNETO are helping Bison look for him.

Many appearances by many companies are planned, if I write this, and I may even do some pics.

I use the Alpha look (age/colors)

Just seeing what a Girl Ryu should look like in SFA color/age

I wouldn’t think he’d really do the “feminine” thing based on his persona, so no fanservicey shit from me!

What you think?

Dead or Alive 4
Story- Continuing after Dead or Alive 3, this story tells that Ryu Hayabusa and Hayate are trying to find out the truth, alongside Helena, about DOATEC. Helena, having to settle the score with Christie, promises to meet her in the next tournament. Bayman is assisting Christie with this battle, but Helena has hired Leon to help her. Hayate has found an ally in Hitomi, whose father has fallen ill and she needs money to help him. Kasumi and Ayane are still fighting, but Ayane is starting to think Kasumi is innocent. She is hearing about Kasumi being experimented on by DOATEC, along with Hayate, and she’s starting to think Kasumi deserves to come back. Ayane also seems to be becoming better allies with her. Also, Kasumi has discovered that there is a perfect version of Project Epsilon- one with great power.

Elliot, an apprentice of Gen Fu, is fighting to prove his skills, becoming a rival to Jann Lee and Lei Fang, who are starting to have a romantic relationship. Elliot wants to help Gen Fu, as well, as he sees Gen Fu’s predicament and will die to help him. He is a rival to Brad Wong, but also his best friend. Gen Fu sees potential in the man, and thinks both can be great fighters. Elliot has a boyhood crush on both Helena and Christie, but Helena thinks Elliot as a friend. Zack is entering to show his skills, being the showoff he is, while Tina simply wants fame. Lisa, a wrestler that is Tina’s friend, is out to show her skills. Bass Armstrong is out to stop Tina’s fame quest once and for all(A bid that will most likely fail.)
Romantic Couples-
Jann Lee+Lei Fang
Ryu Hayabusa+Kasumi
Kokoro+Brad Wong
Elliot+Gen Fu’s granddaughter

The Crossover
Story- Fighters from DBZ, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, Midway, Capcom, SNK, Tecmo, Sega, Namco, and a few other game characters make appearances, as a terrible rift has been opened between the realms, resulting in an all-out battle between the greatest fighters alive. Goku and Ryu fight alongside each other to defeat Akuma, who has corrupted Vegeta with the Dark Hadou.
Cloud Strife battles against Siegfried and other Soul Calibur warriors, as he quests to find Sephiroth, who holds Soul Edge. Naruto and Ryu Hayabusa fight to prove who is the stronger ninja. Kasumi and Mai Shiranui fight in a huge battle. Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender fights alongside Sean to fight against Commander Zhao. Who will be the stronger fighter in this fandango? Will Ryu and Goku defeat Akuma and save Vegeta? And who is the one concocting this battle?
When you read this story, you won’t believe what happens!