Post your main 3 teams!


In this thread I want everyone to post their main team, and then their two secondary teams. (If you have one.)

Mine are as follows:

MAIN:Nemesis, Wesker, Dante

2cnd:X-23, Hulk, Wesker

3rd: Pheonix Wright, Shuma Gorath, Nemesis


Main: Doctor Strange (Eye of Agamotto)/Haggar (Double Lariat)/Arthur (Dagger Toss)

Alt: Dante (Jam Session)/Sentinel (Sentinel Force {Charge})/Akuma (Tatsumaki Zankukyaku)

I don’t have a 3rd team, and I hate my alt so it’s very replaceable. I really do want other teams, but for right now, I find it more beneficial to fully master my main than to split my time between main and alt. Yeah, it’s low(ish)-tier. Yeah, it has really bad matchups. Until I find a team I truly like that’s more competitive though, I deal with it. I do think it can be a competitive team, however.


In the sig. That reminds me that I’m playing Iron Man now. Trading the yellow beam for that candy BLUE stuff.


My teams:
Main: Felicia/Rocket Raccoon/Taskmaster
3rd: Iron Fist/Morrigan/Strider

I mostly use my main team since I’m always trying to improve with them. I’ll use my second team occasionally out of nostalgia since it was the team I used in Vanilla. My 3rd team is a fun team I made up recently. It’s just 3 characters I like using, so I kind of suck with each of them lol.


Main : Nova/Taskmaster/deadpool.

Alt : Nemesis/Hulk/sent. BIG DUDES !!!

Alt alt : Dormammu/Doom/Task (i’m shitty with Dorm and Doom so…)


Main team
Dante guitar pillar/ Morrigan shitty shoryu/ Doc Doom puhlassma bee
Dante does what Dante does. Morrigan makes use of meter with astral vision and the occasional accidental level 3 in my combos, assist is for Dante combos and crossover counter, or serves as the OTG in THC when I’m lazy. Doom is there for xfactor guard cancel into Doom time then to hurp around as anchor and hope I kill the other character(s)

Alt teams
Iron Man repulsor/ Sentinel drones (duh)/ Dormammu dark hole
I really want to make Ironman work in this game, he was my favorite Marvel character as a kid, and since I don’t really give a shit about Marvel I guess he still is lol. Drones makes everybody better. Dorm’s assist is for combo extension, comboing off air throws with IM cause I still haven’t figured out how to do it solo, and extra chip damage in my specialty ‘dropped combo into blockstring’ because I can’t confirm worth shit. Dorm’s anchor to spend all my meter when everything inevitably goes wrong.

Jill flash kick/ Dante guitar or weasels/ Akuma spinning bird kick
I hated RE games as a kid (enjoy them now though) but I’ve always liked Jill, don’t ask why because I don’t know. Dante goes well with every team. And I’m actually pretty good with Akuma, I just don’t like using him for some reason.

I realize you said 3 but I’m bored so I’ll list them anyway teams


Dante whatever/ combo extender/ combo extender

Strider vaj/ Sentinel air raid/ Doom rocks
I’ve been meaning to learn Strider, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I just teleport and wall cling around like a moron while my opponent is under constant barrage from robotic animals, bombs and rocks.

Trish hopscotch/ Deadpool katanarama/ Ammy cold star
Trish is fun to use, I generally try to be as annoying as possible, then go in with Ammy assist for cover. Then when Trish dies, I become even more annoying with Deadpool. When Deadpool dies I air dash>j.H in sword stance and do random Okami shuffle until I lose. I don’t even care; fuck that dog, seriously. But not literally.

Chris machinegun/ Rocket Raccoon log trap/ Doom missiles
Team ‘I have no idea what I’m doing but I love me some guns.’ Missiles are there just to be a dick.


Main: Hagger(Lariat)/Spencer(Horizontal Zip)/Doom(Plasma Beam)

Alt: Pheonix Wright/Hagger/X-23

Experimental: M.O.D.O.K/Chris or Hagger/Strider or Doom

I need to develop some more serious competetive teams even though my PW team gets me plenty of wins turnabout or not (if PW dies hagger and X-23 can more then handle themselves) i knowi would get torn apart at higher level play

I love playing M.O.D.O.K and want to get a good team with him… so hopefully M.O.D.O.K/Hagger/Doom or Strider can move up a notch and become a threat


Main: Spencer(slant shot)/Haggar(lariat)/Thor(mighty spark).

Alt: Cap(shield slash)/Haggar(lariat)/Hawkeye(Rag time shot).

Experimental: Ghost Rider(chain of rebuttal)/Shehulk(clothesline)/Chun-li(lightening legs).

My Vanilla team members all got better, so my old team is more viable than before. Granted I still have trouble against zoning types, sword wielders and tridashers, but I can usually take em out with one combo.

I needed a new team that could do the zoning game better than Thor (though people shouldn’t sleep on Thor’s zoning. L Mighty Spark is faster than it seems). I figured Cap and Hawkeye could do the job. Once I learn how to zone properly with Hawkeye, this team will be deadly.

Wanted to give some of the females a try. Saw that Shehulk and Ghost Rider had Fantastic Four costumes, and with Chunli’s alt, she looks right at home with them. Figured I could make something happen with this team. So far the combos are looking good. Just need to learn how to play the characters.


Main: Magneto/MODOK/Sentinel
Secondary: Captain America/Sentinel/Arthur
Tertiary: Chris/Spencer/Doom


My main team is Sentinel/Doom(hidden missiles)/Trish in no particular order depending on the match-up, all 3 make solid points, solid mids and solid anchors since they all have solid assists. Not sure if ill be running doom forever, Im currently experimenting with a bunch of other assists and characters like akuma and dr strange. We will see.

My secondary team is Doom/Storm/Amaterasu. Im not 100 percent sure if Im gonna have doom on both teams when the smoke settles since I don’t like repeating characters on my teams. Still soul searching at the moment

My final team is Hawkeye/Dante/Strider at the moment its really just a pet project at the moment since Im ass with all 3 characters but I think of all the teams I intend to play, its hands down the most solid and the most color co-ordination friendly.


How can you stand MODOK? ._.


Main team is Wolverine/Frank/Dante.

No secondary team but I’ve messed around with using either Vergil or Nova at point since both can get my Frank in at Level 4. Thing is I used Wolverine in Vanilla and I feel he best fits my play style. Dante’s enough for leveling up Frank though it means I have to run around with a Level 1 Frank.


Main: x-23/dante/doom

Alt: Jill/vergil/doom

Alt: c.viper/strider/doom

i have 3 other teams i am trying to learn over the christmas break having doom last on all my teams i pair spencer and nova iron fist and zero and trish and chris


2nd:Cap,Ghost Rider,Task


1.- Frank West (Shopping Car), Deedpool (Katana - Ranma), Wolverine (Berseker Barrage)
2.- Vergil (Rapid Slash), " , "
3.- Ghost Rider (Hell Fire)
I only change the first cheracter




That’s it.:v Sometimes I replace either Thor or Cap with Hawkeye. Or just Strider leaving The Avengers! Though I rarely leave out Strider when I use my main two.
lol Nova and Iron Fist’s victory portraits.



Huh… I get the feeling there’s a pattern to this.



I think I have a pattern too.



for what do you have umvc3?


Wut. Why?