Post your most memorable fighting game battle/moment


Share a funny or crazy moment.

I’m new to fighters so I don’t have many yet, but a lot of you have had crazy online battles and such so share some cray or funny moments.

For me, I didn’t know until recently that MK9 had a block button (as opposed to motion), I would crouch/back but still end up getting hurt so this lead me to play very aggressively. I didn’t know Babalities required no blocking as I never blocked, so the ppl I play with (when I did win) were impressed by my babalities and I had no idea why as I just either got rekt or won and chose Babality



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thats like those videos where the dog barks at the cat until it gets scratched then it runs into a wall crying.



Yes moar videos!


When I was playing Oni I had a match where I was at pixel life against a down-backing Guile. I jumped straight at him and at the last second did the Ultra in the air, guessing that he would FLash Kick. He did and the Ultra moved me back to the top left of the screen, making him miss and hitting him as he fell to the ground, winning me the match.


I’ve got a tournament story.
So, less than a year before I got double Jeopardied by Flash Metroid in KoF XIII at a monthly. I was very unhappy about this as Flash is a pretty lousy KoF player and has gone on record stating his disdain for the game. Anyway, we end up in the same pool at CEO 2012. We end up meeting in losers quarters. He picks point Vice, at which point I give my friends sitting beside me the biggest shit eating grins anybody has ever seen or heard about, as I played with what I believe to be one of the US’s best Vices on a weekly basis, so I’m looking at a 3 on 2 against a player I know I’m better than. About halfway through round 1 the KoF stations lose power. Before power is restored, Flash DQs himself and walks off.
Never before and never again have I been more upset about the resolution of a match.


forgot i had this one too


Online in 3SOE, usually don’t give any players who look like they’re coming in from SFIV any respect so my dicking around (okay, randomly jumping around trying to bait fireballs and DPs so I could parry them) actually got me beat to about 20% of my life left while my opponent had 80%. So I’m at the corner and say “fuck it, I’m better than this” and proceed to punish all his jump in attempts air to air with the last one being a j.HK that knocks him down, then I land a meaty crouching forward, into SA2 with super jump extension taking out the remaining 50 or so percent of his life, giving me the win.

Another 3rd Strike story. This time at the arcade. Saw a guy winning with Yun, but at the same time, didn’t think we has that good (guy he was beating up was using Ken with SA1 and just lept mashing DPs). So I get to the other side of the VS City cab and challenge the Yun player. Match was pretty back and forth. We both had a round each, but the 3rd round was pretty much mine. Being impatient, I decide to try to chip him out with SA2. I mistime it and he’s able to jump over it. However, one of my habits in 3S is to always buffer legs during situations like these, so what happens is that the dude’s lunge punch pretty much lands in my HK legs costing him the match. Dude is so salty he stands up and proceeds to play MvC2 instead, this despite me giving a friendly “hey, we can run it back if you want” smile.


This is back from when I was first starting to really get into Vampire Savior. BB Hood is a execution heavy character and I was trying to learn her so my play is kinda scrubby lol. But any who. To those that rage quit when you’re getting your ass kicked. You deny yourself a chance at awesome comebacks like this.

This likely had more to do with him choking than me making a skillful comeback, but fuck it lol. He event sent me a message saying

“You know you didn’t earn that win right? I was kicking your ass then you got lucky by doing random shit at random times. You don’t even know how to use her dash pressure. Just jumping around doing random shit and spamming missle like the scrub you are”

I responded “If you’re losing to scrubs what does that say about your skill?” He responds “It says nothing about my skills, it says how shit this game is where you can jump around and spam full screen supers. Fucking wanna be Mahvel” LMAO!


My most memorable moment was playing Sf2 WW and losing to a guy who only used jump in RH followed by throw. I felt like there was no escape, and almost cried. It felt like I was humiliated. Sort of because I was 12, the guy looked on his 20s, I felt like I did not even belong there. Later on, I tried it against my brother in SNES, and he found out he could just mash throw and escape.

It’s memorable because I do not think I ever lost a SF2 match again in my local arcade - but it should be clear the competition was really low over there. Utter failure is often the shortest path to success.


I agree, i find that the “walk away for a bit” really isn’t good. If I’m doing poorly I go back to training till I get the muscle memory.


You could have told him to stop spamming the fuck out of crouching HP, because he was doing that shit A LOT.


I hit someone with a Fatal Wind in T5DR. Twas glorious.


I’m playing a friend of mine at CvS 1, using Sakura when it gets to the last round. I get him down to nothing in the corner and perform an empty jump in, then slam down the start button just as he stands up.

He still hasn’t lived down the day he lost to a giggling, pointing school girl.


Those characters are the worst.


@Lantis EEEE

I don’t see why he feels so much shame. It’s a game where any character has the potential to be good. However I will say I find the whole badass petite school girl types annoying simply from a design standpoint. Sakura has pretty thin arms and legs yet she has the strength to slam grown men twice her size or knock’em out with a single punch. Technique is always good. But somethings require brute strength which characters like Sakura don’t have.



Randomed out afrolegends once in my life


LOL True. But I don’t bitch about it.