Post your personal or favorite art sites


I see some kick ass art but then i look for a website and i’m all depresed cause their isn’t a link. I know soem just don’t have a site but some are too lazy to put it their. So put your links in here also post up your favorite art sites so we can enjoy what you enjoy. my personal gallery of just my recent works -art forum made by les(ninja turles),ed mguiness(superman),keron grant this is a kick ass forum cause you get to see up and comers art as well as the professionals my boy steve is my sorta mentor he lives close. He gives me tips and stuff on the comic world. He’s an up and comer. if you aiign’t heard of rey you will soon. An original internet superstr from back in the day, this kid used to have crazy number of peopel coming to his site its so wrong since it was an art site.


my site

my favorite artist

his site is going through a reconstruction so there’s nothing there right now. but if you’ve seen his old site, you know…


my site:

its for art and fighting games


I like Elf’s artwork. She is wonderful artist.