Post your random tricks/gimmicks

Do it bitches, I’ll start…

-c. short x 3, rh Cannon Drill with Cammy sets up a free SUPER deep crossup short if you hold up/forward after the Cannon Drill. This only works in low jump grooves because their jumps have more startup frames (to accomodate low jumping).

-Todo’s tigerknee Jab Wave corner CC (TK’ed jab Waves over and over) guard breaks P/K for free, free 30-35% damage.

-Shotos/Rugal and others have easy, free jumpins after punch throws just by dashing right after, and superjumping in with a rh. Rugal’s is especially dangerous because no matter how obvious the jumpin seems, the risk (of missing the setup) is almost always in your favor if you have lvl2+. 11K damage FTW.

-Chun has free crossups on Guile if she uses the right setups. Crossup short, close strong is an easy hit confirm, safe on block, so she can go for another crossup short, close strong. If Guile tries to anti-air, he will eat a counter hit crossup short, close strong xx super into whatever. Guile cannot anti-air her in this case. Same goes for c. jab x 2, STANDING short, crossup short, repeat, etc. Try it in training mode. Once you train him to either block the crossup, or roll under it, start throwing him. Note that if you try variations of these block strings, simple things like switching the c. jab x2, STANDING short to c. jab x2, CROUCHING short, crossup short, he will be able to hit Chun at the tip of her jumpin.

-Sagat can LINK lvl2 Tiger Raid quite easily off a meaty c. fierce. Pretty easily hit confirmable if you’re looking for it. Quite a few other characters have hit linkable, hit confirmable supers, similar to Sagat. Experiment.

-Ken can LINK his fierce Shoryuken off s. short. Even easier if it’s meaty. Try it, it’s pretty funny. Other characters can link their uppercuts off high frame advantage normals like Ken, just a matter of testing in training mode.

-Cammy can kick throw in the corner, dash twice (2nd dash corpse hops), close fierce, link super.

-Cammy can short, short xx lvl1 Spin Drive Smasher, SUPERJUMP immediately with short, hits SUPER meaty, repeat. On fat characters, huge potential for damage if they block wrong, and your Cammy has 3 stocks in C, but not that many ppl use C-Cammy. Works in A, too, but I dunno if ppl would wanna “waste” their bar on LVL1’s.

-Ken has a similar setup. C. short x 3, lvl1 Shoryureppa, wait a split second, superjump crossup forward, repeat. Has huge damage potential since as everyone knows, you can’t quick getup after a super, and if you delay your superjump a split second, the sj forward doesn’t crossup.

-Todo can command grab, close s. strong xx jab Wave, IMMEDIATELY sj EARLY short (will beat almost any anti-air, RC grab, repeat. Very good setup because of the surprise factor.

-Yamazaki’s meaty standing forward is prolly his best tick into his grab super. Works very, very well.

-When using a character like Sagat who’s got a great jab, but you’re playing a character that ducks it, use it to your advantage to fuck with their reactions by doing stuff like crossup short, jab (whiffs), throw. Turn the negatives into positives. Then next time do crossup short, whiff jab, lvl2 Tiger Raid. Similar to Shoto c. short, s. jab (whiff), throw on wakeup.

Just noticed something tonight. If you’re doing the real SBK trap, which is c. jab, close s. fierce xx SBK, and you want to throw off their reversal [insert special/super/2 frame jab/throw] timing, make sure to vary between the forward and roundhouse SBK. Both leave Chun at the right distance to continue the trap. A short SBK on the other hand will leave her just far enough away to NOT be able to connect a close fierce, but a far fierce instead. I don’t know why this happens, but it happens, so remember. Mix it up with forward and rh, not short.

Guile can AA in both situations. In the first situation he can trade a flash kick in his favor and the second one he can do s.strong or just roll away from the crossup (which most guiles do anyways if they won’t be able to AA it)

Noted dude. I guess I shoulda specified C-Chun, which eliminates any Flash Kick anti-air attempts (because Flash Kick is OTG first frame, hence the reason it’s an air-blockable AA; all non-air-blockable AA’s have startup GROUND frames IIRC). If he sees Chun go for the crossup short, and the Guile player has good timing, you COULD Flash Kick it clean, but that’s if he remains crouching, preferably neutral crouch, which reduces his box, and prevents the crossup short to connect before you manage to get the Flash Kick out. The thing is, IMO, it’s not worth it for Guile to attempt anything in the first case I posted, other than a roll under to escape. The risk of eating a counter hit crossup short xx 8000+ damage is too great.

For the second setup, I tested s. strong, and yeah it works…if you’re psychic! haha Seriously though, you have to press strong VERY early to hit her as she gets her feet off the ground. Realistically? You’re not gonna do it, especially when you don’t know if she’s gonna jump or not. I guess that was the point of these two examples, to show two good realistic setups, but yeah they’re not foolproof, but I tend to think they would work on a large majority of players, and most ppl would not try to anti-air them, and if they did in the conventional sense, they would definetly eat a counter hit.

EDIT: Messed around some more just now. I don’t really know how you got your Flash Kick to trade in the first scenario. If you do it deep, it should be a clean hit because the rh version has tons of startup invincibility frames. If you try to do it early, you will either eat a counter hit short while standing, or you will bounce away because you mistimed the Flash Kick, and jumped before getting hit. Also, note that you can do a psychic s. strong as an “anti-air” in this first scenario too, similar to the 2nd scenario.

This isn’t really a trick, it’s a counter hit setup, but I thought I would share, because it’s simple and powerful. Instead of fishing for a counter hit c. jab [c. jab, c. strong xx super] with Chun, why not just do something like c. jab, walkup (to bait a counterhit), close strong (the slaps), which are VERY easily hit confirmable to super, and safe on block IIRC. Works out pretty well. And why are people still using c. jab, c. jab, c. strong xx LVL2 when you can do c. jab, c. jab, c. SHORT xx LVL2? Not only does c. short have more reach than c. strong, but it’s also much easier to time, so less risk of wasting your bar AND fucking up the combo (and getting smoked in return). Note that there are subtle differences in comboing using the two different setups, but ultimately, it’s less of a hassle to just use the short than to go through the hassle of (2 frame) linking for your damage (I believe c. jab, c. short is a 3 frame link; of course, it could all be in my head, too, haha). Note that c. short DOES NOT combo into LVL1’s, which is a big incentive to just master the c. strong link, and not worry about using two setups for LVL1’s and LVL2/3’s. It’s all preference, do whatever you feel comfortable with.

s.LP x2, c.LK rapid-fire chain, only duckable by… shorter than cammy? i dunno

Yeah, man. That shit’s hella dope. I just haven’t gotten in the habit of using it cause I train on horrible fucking Dreamcast pad, and I have my forward set to the top right trigger…failure to combo her LVL2. :sad:

Discovered something cool just now. Prolly already known by some, but here goes:

(tested vs Ryu using Sagat)
throw in corner, dash, empty jump, land, LVL2 Tiger Raid

The Tiger Raid will not only switch sides at the last moment, but since it was an empty jump, they may be standing, so they get hit. Double the cheddar! Oh yeah, here’s the messed up part that I found kinda cool. Although you’re doing the motion as you’re facing the corpse, the motion is automatically reversed so the side switch doesn’t turn it into a Tiger Genocide. Pretty neat.

Oh, and this isn’t really a trick, but there may be some people that still don’t know.

LVL2 Tiger Raid, fierce Tiger Uppercut —> 5752 damage (vs Ryu)
LVL2 Tiger Raid, strong Tiger Uppercut —> 5801 damage (vs Ryu)

So if you need the damage to finish them off, use a strong Tiger Uppercut. For setups and meter building, use fierce.

Another good way to setup yama’s super from a far, is time his far fierce (you can use it with f+Fierce too i think) And late kara cancel it into command grab super! it’s awesome, similar to the a maki setup Mummy-B used to go on about. This only works if they are knocked down obviously otherwise you’ll hit them with the far fierce and then it won’t work…

That’s pretty cool, I’m gonna try it now.

Was messing around with Rugal’s LVL2 cancel just now. It seems that if you do the LVL2 Genocide Cutter REALLY late, you not only do more hits while juggling their body, BUT it also sets up a STRONG Dive Punch instead of the usual jab one. The strong Dive Punch increases the damage of that insane combo even more. The max damage I am getting so far is 12,148 vs Guile.

Combo: j. rh, close rh xx fierce Wall Press, DEEP LVL2 Genocide Cutter, STRONG Dive Punch, DEEP LVL1 Genocide Cutter

If you do something like throw, dashin, SJ, then attempt the combo, AND if they get hit (remember this is a free jumpin setup), AND if they eat a counter-hit, it’s DEATH for 100% stamina characters. Pretty fucking insane, eh?

Kabuki: How do you do the kara cancel? I’m trying to do it like HCB, t+far fierce, d/f, d, d/b, b+punch

…these work because I play scrubs.

-Flashing S. rolento’s tripwire super comes out super fast when done right next to the opponent and it has super fast recovery. So…some how land a blocked tripwire right next to the opponent…

…outside of doing a super, I think their only option is to jump straight up. Tripwire, then tripwire right afterwards. If they, they eat the wire. Mix it up with tripwire, tripwire, [to counter jump ups]. Or tripwire, pause, counter c.lp, > patriot twirls. or Tripwire, low block-if they super, counter accordingly. If not, mix up with Throw or tripwire…

Flashing S. rolento is pretty fun, actually. Dodge, punch XX mp roll back > knives = best strat.

-Flashing S. Mai vs opponent in corner: [blocked] XX qcb, hcf + kick super = free dodge right after.

oh yeah. With yamazaki in non run grooves: dash, dash > throw super is bomb.

Rolento’s LVL1 Trip Wire is REALLY good. I have beat many things with it, but I have also lost to some things that I thought I should hit. I think I’m going to do some more testing. But I like how you have options after a blocked LVL1 Trip Wire. That could create some bullshit tactics if it really is neutral on block.

LVL1 Trip Wire definetly has a good amount of startup invincibility frames. You can go through stuff like meaty Bison c. forward easily. I also had Bison do a Super Psycho Crusher. If Bison did his super first (point blank), followed by Rolento’s LVL1 Trip Wire, Rolento’s startup invincibility allowed Bison to just pass through him. If Rolento did HIS super first, Bison’s SPC would hit him. About the recovery of the Trip Wire…unfortunately, it DOES have at least 3 frames of recovery (I could hit him with Bison’s c. jab, c. short, and c. forward, 2/3/4 frame attacks respectively). Put plainly, if you don’t wanna risk anything, you can just throw Rolento for free if block point blank. Oh, well, it’s still a really good super.

I learned this from Buktooth, but Hibiki’s overhead special cancels to super only on hit, so you can just pump the motion everytime you do it, and you get a free super on connect.

yeah rolentos lv1 trip wire is very good, its a good wakeup super also. better alternative to blocking then ACing.

This isn’t a huge revelation, but if you’re sick of getting hit by empty jumpin, activate, give Kyo a try. His LVL3 Flame Super (the one where he lights up) is almost a perfect anti-air vs A-groove.

I’m not POSITIVE about the following, but I do have a distinct memory of this happening. Bison’s LVL3 Knee Press Nightmere beats a Blanka RC Electricity on top of you as you’re getting up. It looks hella weird, but Bison misses the first few hits, then lands the rest.

Also, I’ve done this at least twice before, but Bison’s LVL1/2/3 Knee Press Nightmere super is awesome vs A-groove activates. It will go over their low attacks, and hit them out of it. Perfectly safe on block (for LVL’s 1 and 2, that is).

If you’re having problems with Chun Li’s crossup short as Sagat, remember that one useful tactic is to see the crossup, walk forward a tiny bit, then c. strong, which will trade in your favor.

kyo (player 1 or 2) can low jump crossup zangief and blanka in the corner

If you are using Ken and your opponent’s guard bar is flashing …land a crossup mk, and follow up with s.fierce xx jab SRK. Guard breaks them or your money back! So where’s my money

Yeah, this is a good tactic for most uppercut characters, ESPECIALLY Sagat. With Sagat, if you have them at around 40% guard bar left, doing something like crossup short, s. jab, close s. fierce xx jab Tiger Uppercut guard breaks them. But follow up with something like an immediate LVL2 Tiger Raid, cause anything else is cutting it close, and it’s not wise to give up a chance for free damage.

Here is something I was messing with tonight. It’s not a trick, but it is something that works on fat characters only. If you’re using Sagat vs Blanka, you can do 7 walkup jabs, short, short, forward, in that order. This string, while seeming unrealistic, is actually quite hard for Blanka to get out of, as I tested trying to get out of it, even with his s. jab (Blanka’s only 2 frame attack), and I still ate a bunch of counter hits for my efforts.