Post your setups

Here is my setup, it’s not all of it but the tv is my baby :tup: . 62" DLP

Oh, what?! Now I gotta get pictures of some shit?! Hold up… :tup:

Damn!! lol

well shit… i guess i dont’ need to be bringing down my shit…lol

I got a sony 57" 1 mas stick, 1 namco stick, 2 dreamcast sticks, GGXX stick…i’ll try to take pics of my shit to get a better idea but it seems u all set in ur crib :lol: Peace

! :rock:

Definately liking the mame cabinet.

damn, people these days are hardcore.
(FOR SALE hit me up with an offer :karate:)

eh, ill get pictures of my TV’s later.

snake with the leet art as usual. <3 snake

that a nice bike Treybonew. Diskbreak? It looks similar to mine, Kona’s cinder cone.

Um, when is the next game night again? I can bring my black MAS stick over if for some reason all of yours happen to break.

Hey SNAAAAKE can you hooke me up with that picture of Ken on your stick?

On topic.
Why the heck do you have so many sticks!?

Will probably be this weekend. If you want to come over on Friday, let me know here and I will get you my cell.

Why not. I have more sticks than that, and I would have a couple of cabinets (astro city) also, if things had worked out. That is just my current gaming setup, as in the stuff that is currnetly being used somewhat frequently. That is nothing compared to some of the collections that I have seen on here. That is why I made this topic, so people could show all of the different setups that everyone is using. Doesn’t matter if it is a 13" tv, or a full arcade machine. I just want to see what everyone plays on.

Thanks. Yeah, it has disc brakes. It is a full suspension mountain bike, and cost me right around 1K.

I only have 2.One for home another for random console gathering. Everything else I build for people.
Here is teh ken pic…someone on art forum drew it but I added the flame :tup:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: