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Super Street Fighter IV: AE Drinking Game Rules

Match Set-Up
Timer: 99
Rounds: Best of 3

  • Loser drinks each round
  • No same character 2 times in a row

Winner 1/4 Health - 2 Drinks
" 1/2 Health - 4 Drinks
" 3/4 Health - 6 Drinks
" Perfect! - 10 Drinks
[FONT=arial]Time Over - Winner and Loser 5 Drinks Each[/FONT]

Winning Multiplier
Normal Victory - x1
Ultra Combo - x3
Super Combo - x2
Cheap/Chip - x0.5

Sounds fun haha. But wtf, if you do x3 for an Ultra combo KO you guys are going to be shit faced really quick.


  1. Drink beer

  2. Smoke weed

  3. Play Street Fighter

Not bad, until you perfect + ultra someone in the same round (It’s possible). That’ll make someone quit REAL quick

Ultra: On hit the person who did the ultra has to do a shot BEFORE the animation finishes for it. (better have a couple lined up in advance.) This happens DURING the match, regardless of winner or loser.

I got pretty drunk really fast once because I sat down with Jack Daniels and watched a Guile mirror match replay. I took a shot every time one of them threw a sonic boom, I couldnt even keep up and had to pause a couple times to pour 3 or 4 shots. Needless to say, I feared for alcohol poisoning after one game.

My friends and I did something similar once where both people had to chug their beer the entire duration of the Ultra.

I’m surprised you’re not dead from alcohol poisoning from one game. A shot for a sonic boom? Youtube’d random guile mirror. 29 shots. In round 1.

Should have also done 6 shots for a Sonic Hurricane. Technically it is 6 sonic booms rolled into one (300dmg, 6 hits. Sonic boom does 50 damage. 50*6 = 300. ERGO Sonic Hurricane is just 6 sonic booms at once.)

So if I’m reading this right, if someone gets perfected, and finished with a super combo (x2 multiplier) they then have to have 20 drinks. Are these std drinks?

Cos that’s an entire bottle of spirits right there. Gonna be a real short game. And a long night in the hospital by these rules.

endless battle style, loser stays and has to drink one.
The players should be equally skilled and a good mix of chars is never wrong.

Every time an ultra or super is activated, both players take a shot (we used beer). Every time the ultra or super hits, the person who got hit takes a second shot. If ultra/super whiffs, the person activating takes a 2nd shot.

This was a very short night.

Sorry I should have clarified, we were drinking beer.

I call it Me vs PSN.

If I win, I drink
If I lose, I drink

good times.

you both pick sagat/ken/sakura/ryu…and drink everytime you hear a shoryuken/hadoken/tiger anything