Post your Training Regimen



I just wanted to see if anyone else had a “training plan” that they go by or anything.
I set up a plan a few days ago and have been going by it. I wouldn’t mind hearing about yours, and I could incorporate some of your stuff into my training plan too.

Anywho, My Makoto training regimen goes about like so:
Do each combo 3 times consistently on both sides.
[]s.HP > Corner Combo (EX Hayate xx LP Fukiage xx Jump Cancel > EX Tsurugi)
]Target Combo 1 (s.LK xx s.MK) > Corner Combo
[]{Can substitute for 1 and 2} Karakusa > Any normal that cancels into Hayate > Corner Combo
]Blockakusa (Cancelling the late frames of a blocked s.LK into a HK Karakusa)
[]c.LP > s.LP > s.MP xx Hayate
]s.MP > s.MP xx Hayate
[]Karakusa > s.HP xx EX Oroshi
]MK Tsurugi > s.HP xx HP Hayate
[]MK Tsurugi > c.MP xx MP Hayate
]Crossup j.MK > c.MP xx MP Hayate
[]Lvl 3 Focus > Fukiage > EX Fukiage > EX Hayate
]Same as above, but jump over for the first Fukiage. Good for timing, and also a great mindfuck.
[]Karakusa > Ultra 1 (Basic, but it’s important to practice.)
]s.MP xx Hayate Cancel > LK Karakusa
[]Trail 24 (s.HP xx Hayate Cancel > c.LP > LP Hayate xx Super xx Ultra)
]s.HP xx Hayate Cancel > s.MP
[]s.HP xx Hayate Cancel > Target Combo 1 > Corner Combo (I know it’s not as strong as the s.MP into Corner Combo, but I like it.)
]c.LP > c.LP > c.LK xx LP Hayate
[]MK Tsurugi > s.HK
]Late j.HK > Yamase (Difficult to land perfectly, but the stun is pretty good.)
[*]Lvl 3 Focus > Fukiage > MK Tsurugi > EX Hayate
Any feedback is appreciated.


Before doing any fighting I do the following each 3x in a row before moving to the next one. I’ll just copy and paste it here:

Computer on All Block

1-Karakusa, Ultra
2-Karakusa, sHP, HC, s.MP, Kara EX Karakusa
3-Karakusa, s.HP, HC, blockakusa
4-Karakusa, s.HP, HC, s.MP, TC1, Level 2 LP Hayate
5-Karakusa, s.HP, HC, s.MP, s.MP, whiffakusa
6-FA3, LK Tsurugi, then MK, then HK
7-FA3, empty jump, LP Fuki, Hayate
8-f.throw, HK IAT
9-nj.MK, MK Tsurugi, jf MK (should cross up)
10-(corner) FA3, U2 (no animation), Fuki x2, EX Tsurugi

Computer on No block

1-Combo into EX Hayate, Dash x2, meaty s.MP, s.HP, HC, c.LK, EX Hayate
2-Combo into EX Hayate, Dash x2 , MK IAT, c.MP, EX Hayate
3-(corner), FA3, back dash, forward dash, MP/HP Fukiage, NJ HP, land, meaty MP Oroshi, s.MP, EX Hayate, LP Fuki, EX Tsurugi
4-c.HP, dash, s.LP whiff, s.LK whiff, s.HP, HC, c.LK, EX Hayate
5-Backthrow, jMP whiff, c.MK, Ultra 1

Computer on Jump or mashing Backdash (record)

1-(corner) Combo into EX Hayate, f.LK reset, MK Tsurugi (air hit), MP Fukiage, EX Tsurugi
2-Back throw, empty jump over, LK Tsurugi (air hit), EX Hayate
3-safe jump os U1
4-Combo into MP/HP Hayate, Fukikusa
5-c.LP, s.LP, s.MP, Fukikusa

Computer back on All Block

1-c.lp, s.lp, NJ HK Tsurugi
2-Karakusa, HP, EX Oroshi, dash, empty neutral jump, meaty s.MP, Kara EX Karakusa combo
3-Backthrow, jump attack whiff, s.LK whiff karakusa (meaty)
4-s.MP, c.LK, MK IAT
5-c.lp, s.LP, s.MP or s.MP, s.LP, s.MP into Kara HK Karakusa

Computer on random block

1-c.MP charge LP Hayate. If c.MP hits, release. If it whiffs No hayate. If c.MP is blocked, cancel hayate.
2-s.HP HC. If it is blocked, do s.LK Karakusa. If s.HP hits, c.LK EX Hayate
3-XU j.MK. If it hits, do s.HP, EX Hayate. If it is blocked, do MK MK Tsurugi
4-(counter hit on) Karakusa, sHP, HP hayate, f.LP. If fLP hits, do c.LK, LP Hayate. If it is blocked, do MK Tsurugi
5-s.HP, LP Oroshi, Super. If Oroshi hits, do U1, if it is blocked, do s.LK karakusa>U1


Been waiting for this thread!. Will post what used to be mine ( haven’t trained in two months) when i get to a keyboard


okay, what I USED to do (and what I should get back to doing)

What= A , Why=B

First I dont usually do any of these things for a number of sets but all for a set amount of time (usually 5-10 minutes unless noted) except for the corner ex hayate fuki combo
A. Ex hayate> fuki> ex hayate corner combo until I can do it fives times in a row, either side. I also add things before the Ex hayate like jump attack, stand fierce; or karakusa, stand fierce; or sweep then on their wake up crouch short; etc
B. Of course it is a very damaging combo, though I never got the ex tsurgi ending down, and practicing it also increases your muscle memory for the first frames you can attack after hayate. Last doing multiple beginnings to the combo get you prepared for that random time you connect with a ex hayate near the corner so you can be ready to follow up.

A. Strong>strong> hayate>kara grab and strong>strong>ex oroshi
B. getting her one frame links down is essential. two strongs does more damage then one fierce but less stun, so you make a choice…or practice FFS. Also practicing plinking normal kara grab is a good thing

A. Tsurgi practice including MANY late neutral jump tsurgis, IA tsurgis, jump back attack> jump forward tsurgi, dash> IA tsurgi, oroshi> IA tsurgi, hit blocking opponent with stand strong> IA tsurgi, hit blocking opponent with crouch short>IA tsurgi, dash>empty forward jump>IA Tsurgi, and jump over opponent> neutral jump IA tsurgi
B. Being able to pull off tsurgi from multiple positions can lead to catching the opponent wiffing moves or teching throws and then to big damage.

A. crouch jab>stand jab> stand strong
B. because there are many times that a crouch jab may connect and the follow up has to be there

A. blockakusa - multiple versions for 15 mins(or atleast I did when the timing was foreign to me, but trust me after hours of doing just that, I can do it at will) crouch jab>stand short>BAM! F+strong, stand short>BAM! neutral jump roundhouse> stand short> BAM! stand strong>f+jab>stand short>BAM!
B. Makoto should be most dangerous when opponents block, but if you cant do blockakusa then she isnt : (

A. record shot doing multiple speed fireballs and just keep absorbing them
B. probably a good idea to get a feeling of how close you can absorb a fireball and dash before the next on comes out

A. cross up tsurgi the sweep> crouch roundhouse> cross up version (30 minutes!)
B. I WAS on a serious mission to perfect this, my personal best was 6 in a row but this, like my other training time, has gone to zero

A. play vs mode against computer, different characters, on hardest and cut your health down to 50% 5 out of seven rounds. Win using only punishes and pokes
B. you gain patience for defense (you need it with 50% health) learn what moves of the opponent are punishable, and gain more motivation for those punishes

Yes seems like a lot of time but I wouldn’t do it all at once for example I would only do cross up practice and blockakusa practice at 11pm so that I could go to bed at 12 with the movements fresh in my mind, ready to be processed and fully integrated while I sleep. Vs mode would only be done on the days Im in the house during the day and no one is online, etc.
I don’t think I’ve missed anything but I haven’t done training in so long…


Highly relevant to my interests. :slight_smile: Nice ideas and training techniques.

I did notice that c.LP links into s.LK… so… may wanna time it or adapt a new practice for that.


cr.LP doesn’t link into st.LK, it chains into it, which means you can’t cancel st.LK. Only st.LP, st.MP, st.HP xx Hayate Cancel, and MP Oroshi on standing opponents link into st.LK normally.


MP Oroshi on a standing opponent does as well. :expressionless:


Stealth edited. :slight_smile:


Just found out that you can link f.MP to f.LP… Perhaps not the most useful thing in the world, but if you ever get that f.MP poke out, you could turn 90 damage/100 stun into 120 damage/ 150 stun. May be worth training… no? Probably not lol ^_^; I’m sorry.

I shall also be training this:
MK Tsurugi > s.HP xx HP Hayate xx Super xx Ultra 1 [633 Damage!]


Very nice training.
I dont see anything about the HK feint. Sometimes when I’m cornered, I like to combo into a ex orochi to get the good position back and corner my opponent.
Is st.LK wiff ~ karakusa a good option ?
I feel like someome only pushing back the stick(without crouching) will dodge it.


I think the video above institutes that this particular meaty karakusa is uncrouchable. The dummy is crouching beforehand, which is why I assume this. It’s not a bad thing to train, but be warned… Shotos like to Shoryu, as Dudley has his upper, and several others have their wake-ups… So unless you’ve got the guy thinking 100% defensively, you HAVE to consider that… A HK feint Ultra 1 is an option too… Incredibly risky, but if your opponent is prone to wake-up jabbing, get on dat shit like there’s no tomorrow. In fact won me a fight against a very strong Chun-li.
Like any good Makoto: judging your opponents is key… Wake-up ultras can be useful on proper judgement, but are not advised as many times they’re a waste. Just know who you’re fighting.


Can anyone recommend a decent way of consistently pulling of block/hitakusas?

Also, setting up the dummy to practise OS’s. I’m probably being simple here, but how do we program them properly? Apologies for n00bish questions.


For os’s I put makoto as the dummy. Record the setup/os then try to escape it. A simple one is Backthrow>safe jump mk/os sweep. It hits everyone. For Blockakusa/hitakusa just set the dummy to random block and try to constantly hit it.


Ok I’ll give that a go. What’s the safe jump sequence?


Backthrow>dash> os sweep


I would train for blockakusa first as its typically more useful. The timing for each is only a few frames different. So when you get it down just delay is extremely slightly


Im new to makoto and I dont have a training plan yet but I got some good ideas from reading this thread. I will post my regimen when I figure it out.


My training consists building to 3.5-sub 4 k pp then blowing it all trolling, then making it back to under 4k


Honestly, Movement, Safe jump,Optimal punishes, Spacing, OS’s for training imo In training room VS a specific characters


dayum, i’m bookmarking this right meow; i recently picked up Makoto and all I’m doing these days in training mode is just IA Tsurigi over and over and practice cr.lp, st.lp, xx mp Hayate.

Once I get into more advanced Makoto tech, training routines like yours can help a lot