Post your work/modding station!


ok I cleaned my stick building/modding area… that’s really the reason behind this… but hey its a dedicated away from the family place that no one touches…
before my garage… it was my kitchen table, did not go over well with the wife :slight_smile:


Very excite! Can’t wait to post mine. Moving into the new house next week.


I’m actually building one as mine is currently the kitchen table haha


I normally use a TV table, should really utilize my reloading bench more often.


Thread idea of the year! I’ll try and get mine presentable enough to photograph :smiley:


Unfortunately, I use the same table for my arcade/stick-modding work as my model/Gundam-building work… and that’s ALSO in the same small room as the one I keep my action figure/toy collection as well… What a mess. :slight_smile:


I’ll be moving into my new house over the next two weeks which means a brand new setup for my modding station. Can’t wait to share here.