poster request


hi guys,

ok this is the deal. im in my second year of university now, and i would like to create an arcade and video game society so that like minded people who enjoy sf, gg, kof, etc can meet up and play competitively. i know these people excist, but i need at least 20 signatures to start this society up.

so with that said, i was wondering if someone could make me a really nice and eye cathing poster which i could put up around the uni. this isnt really a competition and you wont really win anything, its just if you guys could spare a few minutes to do it then great. i would have done it myself but unfortunately i lack any visual/conceptual/artistic talent :frowning:

you dont have to include any original artwork, but i would appreciate a poster which is A4 size, and has quite a few famous logos and characters on it, (ie. ryu, soul calibre) etc. many thanks and much love to all the guys who help. :slight_smile:

ps. make sure there isnt any writing on it, as i will add those bits later.