Posters/wall scrolls and framing

I am looking to buy some horror movie posters to decorate my new place. It was something I looked into about a year ago. I made a list of interesting ones, but never purchased them. I am ordering them off of at the moment, as it seems to be the largest/cheapest collection.

I don’t want to spend a decent amount on them, only to have them wear and tear on me from just sitting on the wall. I’d like to frame them if possible, and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on what to buy and where. The cheaper the better, honestly, and I’m not particular about frame design. These posters average 24x36 inches and 11x17 for smaller ones, so they are pretty massive.

I know a lot of people on here have posted pictures of their rooms with anime wall scrolls and what not, so I assume some of you may have some suggestions.

I would like to know as well. Unless it is framed, there is no way in hell a DBZ Gokou poster would look classy in a grown man’s bachelor pad. Thing is, frames are HELLA expensive. If there are some DIY kits out there that would be tight.

I have this dope rare mvc2 poster thats been sleeping in its tube because i dont have a extra 150 $ or so to frame that son of a bitch.

I Also have been looking for some theater sized posters of Heavy Metal , Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( og one ) and Rock and Rule. But no luck. Grrr.

i picked up a movie poster+frame as a gift at suncoast for like 25-35 bucks (it was a while back i dotn remember the exact price)

maybe biglots?

The only thing I can suggest is to try a photo lab or a print shop, if you go to a small one they’ll do it for really cheap I doubt they will charge you 150$ even if the poster is movie size. My job frames them but it’s really expensive so it depends on where you go.

I usually just laminate my posters because I have alot of bad kids in my house so framing is out of the question because they will just break them.

This is what I use and they look great. You just gotta look at the store for the sizes you want.

I didn’t know Target carried those. You can find those frames at arts and crafts stores. I think Wal-Mart had them. But that is the cheapest I have seen those frames. I work at a movie theater and have a sweet collection of movie posters and I would like to frame them all.

Poster of value that I definitely want framed.

Anchorman (its just a cool poster)
Spiderman 2 (the one where the reflection of Doc Oc is in Spidermans eye)
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Iron Man
Speed Racer
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight (drawing on wall poster)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

These are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head that I remember that are pretty popular.

Damn thats $80 right there for just those.

I used to have a sweet Kingdom Hearts double sided poster but my girlfriend accidentally ripped it off the wall during sex LOL. My Reno 911 Miami poster makes people laugh everytime somebody new sees it lol.


I did a wallscroll with a custom image for my room, it’s made of PVC and the image quality was superb; this is the final result:

and one for my GF:

Both are 28x40 inches, total cost: $20 each. I’d recommend that to you.

ive been doing something similar

but ive been getting BAD MOVIE posters… just cuz bad movies make me laugh.

i have the last dragon, good burger, and kazaam atm. wal-mart frames do them justice.

*next is Rookie of the year

I though most movie posters are 41x27…Yeah i just use the walmart frames…They are pretty cheap…I also saw some nicer ones a linens & things awhile back so check it out there as they are going out of business…

Here’s sample of how it looks from some old pics

Home theater room


As for bad movies, i used to have this on my bedroom ceiling before i got married…

lol man

you had that on your ceiling?

but then… whats with the baby oil?

What can i say its vandaaaaaam

what movie posters were you framing juggy?

I have a poster of Leon: The Professional in my room. Probably the only one I’d really consider framing.


There’s a Gradius III poster up for auction now I’d love to have hanging in my room.

That’s only a small fraction of posters I have. I’ve got so many more posters. They’re just inside tubes in my closet right now. i think I actually like having the posters more than displaying them. It wouldn’t want my apartment to look too cluttered with posters. I might frame a SF4 poster I got signed though.

I am looking to buy and display a Super Turbo poster though. If anyone is selling.

If you want to see amazing horror work check out Ben Von Strawn

Here are my Five Deadly Venoms poster arts framed

This is a great place if you need completely custom frame sizes. Kinda expensive, but if you’re framing it, it should be because it’s valuable to you in some way.

I actually know a dude who has access to a poster printing machine, so I make custom posters with his help =)