Posting images on SRK


How do I post images on here? I’m trying to use photobucket. Which link do I copy and paste so it is there without having to click on a link? Or should I use another method?


Are you really asking this question?

They have four options when you’re using Photobucket and when you select an image. You’ll see it.

E-mail & IM:
Direct Link:
IMG Code:

Use the IMG code.


I try that and all I get is the broken link icon.


The image must end with a .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .PNG, .gif. etc


When pasting the IMg code, DO NOT use the “Insert/edit image” button. Just paste it directly.


thank you ,very useful for me


Sorry about that posted in the wrong forum after reading how to post images. I only realised when I tried to find the post. Meant to post in the stick art thread.


Nice bump. /sarcasm