Posting while playing thread!


wooo Im’ playing while posting


I lost to a yang that refused to block after being hit. ;_; my remy is too sick.


Conglaturation !!!

You have completed a great game.

And prooved the justice of our culture.

Now go and rest our heroe !


i think you mean “Now go and rest our heroes!” Louis.


Im a newb so dont mind me saying that i was very salty after playing a very annoying yang


Super Jump. Ken Kara Throw, made noise, don’t even know what normal used!

cr Lk cr LP, Shin Shoryu. 5 Hits. Followup.


Eat last hit of Shinkuu to stay close, recover, possible bigger punish. Ate 3 hits. Nope.

Wanted to block at least 1 thing. Blocked cross up divekick tried to scout, but also blocked during Zenpou, whoops.


played first green connection i’ve ever seen on psn…


I’ve got a guy who lives like 10-15 minutes from my house, and he’s a yellow connection on PSN

I imagine to get a green on PSN you pretty much need to be in the same house


I’m pretty sure a green connect on PSN is closer to the realms of infinitely impossible than Japanet possible. I’m running at 19mpbs download, 6-8mpbs upload, and 10-15png as far as goes and from what I understand, that’s pretty good AND I STILL can’t get a green NAT… Duh fu? I will say, on yellow connect it’s actually rather smooth gameplay w/ jumps here and there.

EDIT: That last sentence is bullshit


PSN is dicks.


Pressin buttons. Akuma army late night.

finally sets with Dander. He has to be like 3 people in one person.

frog caveman - fuk u
jr frogriguez - down down down taunt

> online is jungle, its unfair to both players

Dander - we’ll make a 3s player out of you yet


Fuck this. I made this awesome gif and then stupid photoshop didn’t save as gif. CS is fucking stupid. Back to PS7 and ImageReady.


I’ve run into like 3 different people with green connection on PSN.

Yet this one dude I know that’s like 20 mins away, happens to be yellow. gofigure


adding delay adds to that ping marker.


My Flash MX 2004 is eating the Kokujin Haitani Finals, in MOV, output can’t even MOV, quiktime codec, WMV, and

Stupid ass Youtube itself won’t accept .swf when they are swf/flv output.

SUPER converter program is not helping.