Posts Per Page?


I will probably end up feeling pretty dumb about this, but ever since the update, I cannot find the area where I can set how many posts per page are displayed on a thread. I recall it being in a profile setting somewhere, but I scoured the whole thing and I must be blind or something. Stuck at 50 posts per page, and some threads this gets obnoxious.

Please assist in directing this poor fool to where this can be altered. Or, if I’m actually right (highly unlikely) and it doesn’t exist, please say so for both my edification and to note that this is missing, as I didn’t see anything like that in here when I searched.


The option is not available right now. I believe admins are waiting for someone to hack the option into Xenforo and release a mod for it.


Any updates on this? I also miss the printable view (for pdfs on the go) :frowning: