Pot Monster?


What? Is that an EC term?


You entered a tournament and added to the pot. You have no hope of winning at all. You are a pot monster.

Yeah, it probably is an EC term. More like a NY term than anything else, as far as I know.


I don’t understand the monster part of it. Technically doing this would benifit other players.


The term originated because of an East Coast Bison player named Boker Thomas would continually enter tournaments that he had no chance of winning, like Nitro said. He would also enter his beginner friends into the tournament and pay their way in, making the pot even larger.

He was then arrested and convicted for raping seven women, sentenced to 430 years in prison.

Hence the term pot monster.


I am a pot monster.


I thought Hakan was the most WTF moment of the week, but this is close. WTF did I just read?!?!?!??!?!?


WTF, LMAO. Are you serious. If anything, I thought a pot monster would be someone who wins the tournament all the time 'cause he’s a beast; a monster. He takes all the pot money, you know. But…LOL.


You think it would be like a pot stacker or a pot stuffer but, after the story at least the origin makes sense. Can’t say is makes sense today considering it has nothing to do with that guy any more.


When I heard about this Bison player raping people at tournaments I completely had the wrong idea…


Yeah I made that story up. That would be a pretty awesome/horrific origin though, wouldn’t it?


Me too, but I like supporting the scene.


wow, this thread is NOT what i thought it would be…


lol i felt the same way @ the break. I knew i wasn’t gonna win shit but I thought “fuk it why not, i got 10 to spare and add to the pot”


I think Evil Rashaan or Andre coined that term…Andre has a lot of good ones but pot monster sounds like something Evil R would say.

I’ve been a pot monster since 2005

then again. i’ve won quite quite a few local tournies in 3s back in the day, got 3rd once at a major, but in SF4 im as pot monster for real.

Quick somebody start making some potmonster avatars.


Main Entry: 1monster
Pronunciation: ?mn(t)-st?r
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English monstre, from Anglo-French, from Latin monstrum omen, monster, from mon?re to warn ? more at mind
Date: 14th century

1 a : an animal or plant of abnormal form or structure b : one who deviates from normal or acceptable behavior or character
2 : a threatening force
3 a : an animal of strange or terrifying shape b : one unusually large for its kind
4 : something monstrous; especially : a person of unnatural or extreme ugliness, deformity, wickedness, or cruelty
5 : one that is highly successful

“Pot monster” being someone who “donates to the pot with no chance of winning” makes no fucking sense. Please let this die.



c’mon cajun…

not funny at all? not even a little??? lol



I thought it was funny when I posted this again and then saw yours right behind mine after the page loaded. :lol:


LOL me either.


watch it you two…i’m a narc