Pot Monster?


You, sir, are quite the raconteur. The name ‘Boker Thomas’ had me going for a second…haha.


[media=youtube]R9Fkkc0oXr8[/media] Your questions are answered


I guess we are all apart of the pot monster family. I know I can’t win shit.


If there were no pot monsters, there would be no tourneys. keep that in mind.


it’s not an insult though. It’s kinda funny to me imo

if you go to a tourney ang go 0-2 thats when you look in the mirror later that night laugh to yourself and go “damn i was a pot monster today, i need to step my shit up” it’s all jokes

Thread needs an avatar with the cookie monster holding a joystick in one hand, a 10 dollar bill in the other, wearing a “sf4 rocks” t-shirt while signing up for a sf4 tourney


oh, it’s too funny!

everytime i think of it, i want to step my game up even further. some people could take offense to it though, even though no one shouldn’t.


I think we need to make Boker Thomas a mascot now or something. :lol:


you answered the question, “one who is highly successful” a pot monster is someone who is highly successful at adding to the pot


If I have time, I may be able to get a custom “Pot Monster” t-shirt made for MWC.


Lord knows I went 0-2 at the last MWC (but I’d only been playing like…2 months at that point)…I just want to send someone else home before I get knocked out this time.


especially with super around the corner its time to get back in the lab. two and out is not cool. lol not with the phrase pot monster hanging around lol

that would be tooooo good…please get started on that. Stat!!!

i’ll personally put in over the head of any daigo fanboys that go 0-2 at tournies. my self included lol


LOL new major rule: If you go 0-2 you have to wear a Pot Monster shirt for the rest of the weekend.


I’m dying over here



I wish I would have checked about this a week ago so I coulda made pot monster shirts at work for FR this year


Check it out, this is my prototype.

Please give me feedback on how to make this shirt more epic and I’ll make improvements:

Front view of shirt.

Back view of shirt.



I THINK it came from “stream monster”, which made way more sense. Stream monsters are those idiots on the SFIV streams who constantly shit on the players playing because they don’t understand what’s going on, or they don’t realize the level of comp. People who say shit like “That ryu (daigo) sucks, all he does is c.mk xx fireball, my friends ryu is way better!”. So I guess “monster” just became a sarcastic term for a scrub.

I’m not sure if that’s the actual roots, but I don’t see any other logical explanation.


needs cookie monster on it!


The phrase Pot Monster was invented by myself Evil Rahsaan and fellow Empire member Kevin aka Dimenion. Just look at the video date on page 1. Seb just twisted it a little and made it stream monster so he can make a buck. This isnt the 1st time he stole our ideas and used it for personal gain. But he live streams our matches so we get popularity and no $ from his existense. Oh well business is business.


When you going to be back in the midwest man? It was nice meeting you at Aerial Rave…you coming to MWC?


Wow, how horrrible! Haha, I also did think it was the term of the person taking all the pot all the time haha. But I guess i’m wrong.


I heard you can make millions of dollars from patenting phrases now.


boy i sometimes hate being from nj and having to put up with these ny knuckle heads ;o