Pot Splitting and Thrown Matches at Majors


I agree something should be done, but…EVO 2003? Justin Ricky?


I only saw them play ECC9. By 2003 I was working hard earning scholarships so I could afford college.


scrub question here:

what happened there?


No, it wasn’t.

Not naming names but let’s just say that if you look at the top-two finishers from most of the major pre-Evo tourneys, there was a lot of pot-splitting going on. I can’t definitively say that it was MORE than today, but it would be difficult for it not to be.

That being said, just because the pots were split, that doesn’t mean people weren’t playing for real. It was still real characters and real strategies. But the pots were split damn near all the time.


That doesn’t mean it wasn’t cut throat. Everyone wanted to be the best. Now a days no one really cares.





Seemed fine to me. Where’s the fix?


Kinda looks like Ricky wasn’t trying, but to be honest I watched that and didnt see nothin’


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#stAGEd Block Spoiler


I agree with @SuperFreak that this is definitely less about splitting (which is whatever) and definitely more about not playing out your set.

I agree with @Hecatom that this is definitely less about stream monsters and definitely more about how the active player base reconciles with itself the priorities of the community, whether they be growth or cash or entertainment or whatever.

This is just one of the very real growing pains that our community will have to come to terms with. Aside from showing poor sportsmanship and consideration for the players who aren’t, you know, coming out anywhere near even on their trips/hotel and travel costs/vacation days used/etc., the #stAGEd player matches aren’t really breaking any rules, or at least any enforceable ones that TOs will be willing to see through (full disclosure, next year will make a decade for which I’ve been running tournaments and my tournaments explicitly prohibit uncompetitive play at the risk of tournament disqualification). And yes, I will bring TOs into this discussion because rules need to be enforced and we rely on TOs and their staff to do that.

There is definitely a reluctance on the part of the still-really-good-at-games crowd, or the old elite, to take part in a changing of the guard with respect to the culture of the community. There is absolutely an “I can do whatever I want” mindset and back in the day we would resolve this with quarters at the arcade, but it’s just not that way anymore; if you didn’t like the cut of someone’s jib, you just put up however many credits you needed to correct their tone. Regardless of whether we like it or not, that environment does not exist anymore and it cannot exist if we want the huge tournaments and the myriad sponsors and the huge pot bonuses. If we are willing to give up those things, then yes, we can go back to the decidedly Darwinist legacy of the arcade era, but we all know that nobody is willing to do that.

This problem can definitely be rectified by sacrifice on the part of any party, but they’re sacrifices that nobody is going to accept. We could all stop going to tournaments or entering games we don’t like or play to stop funding matches that we don’t want to see. Is that gonna happen? No. We could stop watching streams and subscribing or supporting stream and YouTube channels that broadcast matches we don’t want to see. Is that gonna happen? No. We could stop socially following, donating to or supporting players that play matches we don’t want to see. Is that gonna happen? No. We could stop supporting and attending tournaments run by TOs that allow the playing of matches we don’t want to see. Is that gonna happen? No. And I mean all these "we"s in the very general sense of the mainstream majority.

The overarching issue is that this community wants to have its cake and eat it, too, while trying to remain blissfully ignorant of the changes that are happening more rapidly than NetherRealm Studios game patches. There is always a breaking point, however, and while a few rotten apples may not spoil this bunch, they also may inadvertently work toward the detriment of their fellow players. This is where the C in FGC breaks down; where players and organizers suddenly feel that they are not beholden to anyone. It’s an attitude that has to change if people are serious about fighting games not only growing, but also about fighting games being taken seriously worldwide in the same vein that other genres are.


Ricky was ALOT better at MvC2 than that. He looks like hes not even playing with both hands


Well this is much more believable at least then picking spiderman/hulk/wesker vs iron fist in grand finals and more entertaining as well


tbh I wonder if the other players would try harder against ChrisG (in marvel3) if he decided not to share the $$ anymore (at least he seems capable of taking majors without doing it). don’t see it happening anytime soon, but it’s nice to imagine… :confused:

that’s pretty much the only thing that bothers me about pot splitting…


Collusion is a pretty slippery slope. People say they have the right to do it because they beat everyone else already. But then whats stopping players who are good friends from colluding with each other in the middle of the tournament?


Madcatz has laid down their stance.

Mark Julio (マークマン) ‏@MarkMan23 3m

From here on out, if I find out of any MCZ sponsored player/team or sponsored event that allows collusion of any kind. We will not support.


and it totally does, and as far as I know, has been happening for a long time.


I was gonna type up a long explanation of why collusion is the problem, splitting isn’t, etc. But I just saw somebody on twitter say “don’t shit where you eat,” and that sums it up so perfectly that I’m just going to repeat it.


smh markman confirms that this is killing tournaments.


I’m just quote this from UMVC3 thread to start a argument.

This is reason why pot splits exist, but their actions will be their downfall. The reason is simply thiis…

Esport/Sponsorship money events will not tolerate this kind of crap. Anytime pot split in MLG, or any events…you will literally fuck up the community. Smash pot spilts may been one of the reasons why Smash got booted out of MLG. I guarantee you that EVO in 2013 will not tolerate pot splits. Maybe before people have gotten away, but EVO is pressured to be a legit competitive event. The punishment and consequences for pot spiting as the year goes by will be higher. Especially when you realize who is sponsoring EVO nowadays as well.

All I going to say if this pot splitters want more money, they better realize they have to be PURE. If not they re going to fuck up any chance of making gaming their viable career in the long run. Sponsorship, TOs like Wizard are going to be afraid of raising the pot if people like ChrisG are not going to being honest for the community.


As Evo2k3 GF, I’d be more interested in Evo2k3 WF as a possible setup to that. Historically speaking you had a lot of times someone would lose in WF and then come back in GF to win it. But that doesn’t get us dealing with the future by addressing the now, which seems to be something we can do something about.


EVO 2004 Soul Calibur II Grand Finals…