Potatoes with toxic growth


So, today I spotted the source of a foul odor in the kitchen. Underneath some junk was a wooden bowl with old potatoes on them. Not only that, but these particular potatoes had green horny things that look like cactus growing on them

I think it is important that you understand how much these stink. As soon as I revealed them and tossed them in the trash, I had to hold my breath every time I walked by. The odor was strong enough to knock a person out.


Sounds like aliens that will take over the world and turn you into zombies. I heard they release spores and the only cure is fire.


There is a certain way to cook the poison potato though you’d probably have to travel to the kingdom of Jidal to find out how, but if your gourmet cells are evolved enough, you can eat it straight.


If you kill the aliens then the other aliens will come for revenge. It’s not that simple.


You should only kill what you will eat or capture otherwise you should use knocking or intimidation, simple.


That depends. What if the alien you kill has friends or family? They will come for revenge.

It’s hard to determine where to draw the limit. Some people won’t eat meat because they want to preserve life but they will kill plants. What if you were lettuce, you wouldn’t want to die would you? Is that okay? What if the aliens decide it’s okay to eat humans and the aliens are far superior in strength, intellect, technology, etc. What will humans do then?


Consume all kinds of food additives and artificial sweeteners and kill them with cancer. We’re probably the worst kind of junk food in the universe.


Human videos will be the new cat videos

Hopefully the aliens waste as much time on the internet as we do


Potatoes are highly toxic if they go bad.


It’s okay to eat meat because every ingredient from nature is a gift. There is no such thing as a “miss ingredient”. As for the life, yes there is a sacrifice to be made for the ingredient to cooked, to be consumed, and to be broken down to nutrients that will nourish your body. One ought to exercise appreciation towards the ingredient, to be gourmet immersed. Bwahahaha!

But usually only gourmet beast are only strong to attack humans and they will only do so if they are messed with. The really ferocious beast as such from the Gourmet World only like high quality ingredients, that is from the Gourmet World so humans are seldom disturbed. You could say humans are on top of the food chain and that the real threats to humans are humans themselves in their avarice and their inability to exist in harmony. There is an exception though of the Four Beast that has unbalanced diet towards humans. The Four Beasts awaken every several hundred years to feast upon the human world. Last time they were repelled by the IGO president, Ichiryuu. Now they are awakening as we speak but we don’t know what will happen until the next Shounen Jump comes out next week.


Rub your penis on them


You need to educate yourself. You must be pretty damn ignorant to not recognize a mandagora when you see one.
What a crappy, sheltered life you must have if you have never smelled the pungent odor of the shaman fruit. You serious probably threw away like, 600 bucks worth of root that you could have dried and smoked.
Of course, a newbie like you would probably just wake them up and gotten your eyes blown out.
Maybe its a good thing you didn’t get to experience the transcendental, prophetic visions of the Kravz-Shel N’dach.


Ah Kromo, the only thing that can redeem a beguiled thread.


should have made potato salad…if anyone asks why its green just say you put avocado in it…


So my name is Beguiled and I thought I would start another thread about my fascinating life.


Thanks for nothing. You were supposed to eat those things and gain the powers that you would need to save the world.

In a world plauged by poisonous zombies he stands between us and certian doom. No poisons can harm him, yet his very touch destroys evil. He would’ve been the man known as TOXYGEN.



Have you spoken with this man?

I think he can help. Go here if you want to find out more


Says you. Even though they can’t fight back, somehow these spuds have a capture level of 26.


Can someone just slip cyanide or something into this clowns water bottle?


Beguiled I suggest having your brain scanned for those growths, I think the potatos might have picked it up from you and it would explain a lot of your posts.