Potemkin for Dummies


I’m trying to play Potemkin and I’m doing okay for someone that doesn’t know jack about the game system “really.” What are some relatively easy Potemkin tactics for a beginning Potemkin to employ?

Also how does Potemkin fight Axl? Is there a decent combo I can use with the punch super? Ehh, any other braindead stuff you can throw at me.



omg, your still alive Uncauzi:lol:

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Yeah man, still alive currently residing in Delaware, “whoop de doo.” Won’t be coming back to Florida to live anytime soon, next stop is Cali.

I’m pretty much completely out of the fightings gaming scene too. I’ve gone back to my FPS roots. I’m liking GGXX a lot though, I just need to find someone I can practice the damn game with. The nearest arcade is bloody an hour away from me, and it’s almost useless for me to make the drive cause well…I get my ass kicked.

I hear the scene in Florida is getting bigger now? Rock on. Things going well on your end of things?



things in north fla r pretty much dead as far as capcom, got to go to g-ville for dat action

ttt and t4 still popular, more so ttt

wut fps r u playing? you dont do any ghost recon do u?


Aye, Mike, Mike…

Unreal Tournament I play with a passion, in particularly the LMS mod, I’m banned from a lot of U.S. servers because I win to much and people think I cheat, so I’m currently reigning terror in the U.K.

AvP2: It’s all about TCL: The Corporate Ladder. Been killin bugs and preds since the game started.

Soon UT2k3, gonna have to conform sometime I guess.

And a little flashpoint.

But Ghost Recon? Not to much of it, dabbled here and there, but in general FPS are my shiznit.


So. About that wacky Po-chem-o-kin guy.
All of his normals have decent range, and can combo. On that note, end any combo with c.dust. It’ll allow you to move in and get in close.
Also, his f+p can combo into Potemkin Buster, but the price you pay is dealing out less damage.
F+P and c.hs are good for anti-air. If you’re ever going to use c.hs, make sure you cancel into dp+HS or QCFx2 + S for some extra damage.


COol thanks, btw is the ground slam unblockable or not? I could have swore someone told me it was but the computer seems to block it?

Also any suggestions for getting out of the corner vs Sol? Or even approaching testament or Axl for that matter.

Oh and does the ground slam combo into hammer fall against some people, it seemed like it at one time, maybe they just didn’t block. Here’s a combo I’ve started doing

corner Buster, F+Slash, Slash, dp+Hard, Roman Cancel, qcf,qcf+Slash.

It seemed to kick ass until I noticed people are escaping,
what are some nasty things I can do after the ground move or a buster for that matter?

And can I combo into C.Hard?



Slide Head is unblockable only if they’re on the ground at long range

if the move actually connects at short range, they get knocked over by the hit unless they block it low, after which they still stand


Ahhh thanks guys, my wins have already increased :smiley: I just wish I knew some better setups. Any suggestions on how to setup launchers with pot?




Been hooked on GGXX for the longest now and can’t wait to find some new blood. As far as Potemkin goes he’s a very methodical character that can take his opponents apart in various ways, very underrated as far as I can tell. RC’s play a big part in his overall game giving him more combo opportunities as well as enabling him to close in on his oppponent. Like the previous poster indicated always end a basic combo with low sweep. This will allow him to gain much needed ground and get within range where he can inflict some major damage. The ground pound is unblockable and a great weapon against long range/keep away characters such as ky, axl, eddie etc. At the proper range follow the ground pound up with qcf+punch for an otg 2 hit combo. His charge punch should be your primary weapon and is where the RC feature shines. If connected immediately RC and then either standing slash into machine gun punch or low slash into qcf+p or anti air super for corner combos. If the ground pound is blocked just RC and proceed to pressure them. Try to work in his flick(qcb+slash) whenever you can, a counter hit could lead to a free machine gun thrashing. For anti air use fwd+punch for the Lord’s prayer or low hard slash into machine gun or super if you have it. And if you do happen to land his backbreaker follow up at mid screen with his qcf+punch or in the corner standing punch, standing slash machine gun or super. Any other questions just let me know.



Aye, okay, I’m sure that will make a substantial difference if I can work it like that. So that will give me opportunities for massive damage I just haven’t been aware of.

But here’s a problem I’ve recently gotten into. How the bloody hell do you get out of the corner with potemkin? and does potemkin always get beat out of the air? I generally don’t have a problem getting trapped into the corner against average player, but better players end up always hitting me over there, maybe I’m just not teching right or something.

I guess I’ll check out the primer again, to figure out how I can stop from being belted into the corner like a class clown wearing a dunce cap.


(PS damn it’s frustrating being an old head trying to get back into todays gaming scene.)


im so glad i found this thread so i can helo u out. i have one of the top 5 or 3 potemkins in so. cal. Jose, Sydeny are the only better ones, but Jose doesn’t use Potemkin ne more and im about as good as he was, hence the name Jose 2.0.

ok Potemkin i have made something i call the grab rush down!

its great. u grabe them do his mega fist (qcf,p) while ur doing that hold back when u hit them on the ground do the falling hammer and stop it wit PUNCH(b4 u hit them) then grab. repat it as much as u can.

ok here’s what u can do, teh knock down then jump in, jump in with H.S then s.K S Mega Fist grab.

the air dust A.K.A the ass. do that when ur directly over them and after u AIR recover. when they block grab them.

advanced combos are these. if u ever grab them in the cornner (depending on how far away fromt he corrner) do s.K ,or s.S, into the Heat Knuckle(dp,H.S) and then the charge(hcb,H.S)

ok the c.H.S into Heat Knuckle is good. but for a shit load damage do it when they are doing an air move if it counters THEY CAN"T RECOVER so let them fall and when there infront of u do s.HS then Heat Knuckle or Heavinly Potemkin Buster
((((((and if u do that into the Heavinly Potemkin Buster, it doesn’t do damage reduction; this means u take half life)))))

ok no this is one of the best moves to do when ur next to an oppenent, f.K (the head but that is slow, that u thought was gay) well it staggers the person and when he’s rearing back he’s invincible. oh yea ITS AND OVER HEAD

ok if u hit the f.K u can do s.D the grab(damage reduction doing this) or a combo i made up ( works sometimes, they can block it some times) I WILL GET TO THIS COMBO IN A LITTLE

ok Roman Cancleing and False Roman Cancleing,

u should know what it is, it cancles a move and the lag time

roman takes a power bar (one red) false roman takes 25% (a green portion)

u can cancle everything excpt his grab with the roman cancle but u need to hit them wether they block or not.

false roman only 2 mves can be false romaned his falling hammer and his mega fist, go to http://db.gamefaqs.com/coinop/arcade/file/guilty_gear_xx_a.txt

that site explains the basics and roman and false roman cancleing im jus going to tell u what to do with it.

ok the false roman for the mega fist is to trick or to save ur ass. the falling hammer one is to mess up the other character

do the falling hammer roman cancle s.HS then heat knuckle & charge

in corrner if u get them with the heat knuckle & charge, roman cancle it, then walk forward a lil until their in front of u then do
s.HS, and heat kunckle & charge.

ok my combo which works sometimes, does alot of damage, knock someone down with qcf,S or c.D

what ever as long as u will be righ next to them when they get up then do this
f.K, s.S, s.HS (hold back during all of this), falling hammer, roman cancle [(or false roman)prefered], s.HS heat knuckle.

thats pretty much all i can tell u the rest is what u get out of experience. o and do his flick (hcb,s) it hits projectiles back. and heres a run down of what u can click

KY - both shots, and his super shot (Sacred Edge)
SOL - his fire ball
MAY - her dolfin out of the ring, and the whale super
JOHNNY - the coin
BRIDGET - the spinning blade bear(have to do it right when its called out) and the fire wheel bear super(same as spinning balde bear)
SLAYER - can’t flick nething
VEMON - all balls that r shot at u, both supers (but they will hit u after, theres soo many hits in them)
POTEMKIN - nothing
JAM - nothing
CHIP - his little white thing that holds u
TESTIMATE - the little demon that comes from behind, the skull thing, and if u get hit by the skull, u can flick the 3 or 4 wood things that come at u, and his super that poisions u
I-NO - the green note, and thatthing that reachers most of the screen (hcb,f,K)
MILLIA - the green disks, and her three disk super
ZAPPA - the ghosts, maybe the bigass super(not the little worm one)
DIZZY - the eletric spike, the clam that shoots the red laser, the fire super, the first part of the full bar super
ANJI - the butter fly(both of them cus the top one will come after u flick the 1st one), the fan super
FAUST - NOT SURE, i think the fire bag, hammer, and bomb (try if u want)
AXL - ok u think theres nothing but u can flick his green sickle(the one that hits u 3 times)
BIAKEN - her mats
EDDIE - the ground spikes even the one thats huge that u get from eddie him self(the summoned eddie, the thing that u can see coming cus it sits on the ground for a while)

alright im out


if ur caught in the corrner (GRAB THEM) most ppl leave an opening, and if they jump c.HS

potemkin is hard to beat out of the air, jus do HS and when u land Heat Knuckle.

for the love of god, back dash ur invincible and u can grab right after, it throughs ppl off!!!

and potemkin is not a turtle character, so don’t treat him as one

rush down, he’s scary as that, rush down with the falling hammer, meag fist, and jumping in with HS and the combo after.don’t end a combo with c.D
PLZ if u do a combo end it with megs fist then grab them

jesus christ these other ppl r scrub potemkins ok u should be a good threat now


Damn lots of info, thanks a lot, just when I was about to quit Potemkin for Baiken. I’m still going to show Baiken some love but what you’ve said just confirmed some of the stuff I was thinking. Let me try and get some mo pot powah happening :wink:



ok i was at the arcade yesterday, and i busted the biggest combo, well it was against chipp but it fucking killed his entire life bar FROM PERFECT HEALTH. to sol itwill takes 3/4th life.

ok u burst get full meter and do the sheild special and hand thing, (they bounce off the wall) when they come back press K (it hits them in the air again), then to the sheild special and hand thing, when they bounce back press K,(now u can press S or HS, but they can get away after that) then do the Heat Kunckle & Charge.


o yea i also busted some japanese style Potemkin,
u get them with the Heat Knuckle and ROMAN CANCLE it before it shots u away((((don’t charge it cus u cant cancle it before it shots u away))))) ok after u cancle it they will jus fall, so u jump up(not then down up jump, the one where u can double hike) press HS, then either S or HS when u hit the ground then the Heat Knuckle &Charge



Heres a sure fire way to win with the big guy! Once the match begins if you see things arent going well exclaim… you cheating bastich then commence to throwing any liquid you have; water, soda, or even tea just make sure to hit your opponent in the eye. follow this up with a wake up attack with a blunt object thats not usefull. A few examples are: old dbz videos, cassette player, dremcast, whatever helps to lay your opponent down for about 4 seconds. As he roles around return to the game and use the basic bigman attacks: throw, punch hard, throw, grap into throw, and super throw. Around this time the first round is over and your opponent wants blood. Here where you use your burst attack, The kick to the nuts. To use this motion down while holding the foot button motion forward and hit your opponent with this surprise attack. The longer you hold the kick button the longer he will stay down. Return to game and repeat said bigman strategy but this time hold four buttons down for an instant kill technique. your opponent is realing but he probably still has some fight in him, Here is were true gamers are made. Repeatadly hurl projectiles at you opponent while executing the instant kill. He should have had enough by then but by that time youve one so bask in the glory as fast as possible while formulating a lie about how you have A.D.D. or spasms or something. This strategy is great for tournament play ask ricy ortiz :lol:

images of this can be found at website yet to be disclosed!


Here’s a few good Pot Buster setups:
[4]6h,p at the right distance,632146p

Off a Pot Buster in the corner:
s©,2h,236236s (most damage that works on every one IIRC)
s©,2s,2h,236236s (char specific)
2h,623h,63214h (best no super combo)
2h,623h(3 hits),RC,walk forward a bit and 6h,623h,63214h almost as much as the first combo but has more style.

You can charge the hammerfall during a midscreen Pot Buster,hit them with a h after th PB and then use the hammerfall and cancel to get back into range.

Anti-airs = 2h,6p,6k,623h

6k combos into PB but does less damage. It’s also an overhead.

k is a low hit which can be confuing and used for mix-up.

B&B is s©,2s,2d. You can use this after pretty much any connected hit.

j.h is a really good jumpin.

j.p is good for air-to-air and combos into j.s

That’s all I can think of.


i love doing Blocked Megafist into Pot.Buster

its too damn fun


Damn lots of info, thanks a lot, just when I was about to quit Potemkin for Baiken -UnCauzi

you just made me sick… but its ok… im a show you the way…
havnt talked to you in a long time… holla…