Potential Chris Lobby Sessions?



So, I recently got the idea of recording some matches of a few friends of mine playing in our usual lobby, but then I thought of something.

How interesting would it be, if the next lobby sessions were devoted to a lobby full of Chris players? This is the way I see it.

  1. Anyone interested agrees on a date and time that we can all potentially work with.
  2. On said date and time, I will host a private room and invite only those who choose to participate.
  3. It can not only serve as a great learning experience for fellow Chris players, but also serve as a fun way to network with fellow Chris Players whether on this forum or via youtube.
  4. Unfortunately, I only have a ps3, so anyone who plays on 360 would have to attempt to set this up themselves, but also keep this in mind before deciding to accept the invitation of course.

Now, I have a few Chris players on my friend’s list like Darchon25 and Fujiwaradashing (Needlecrash) so I will run it by them later today and see what they say, but I’m sure we could all agree on a time next week. My psn for those of you potentially interested is AlexanderVorg. Please let me know!


You had me until “PS3”. I just want to voice my support of the idea and would be down for a 360 version of this despite the Chris mirror being incredibly aggravating.


Yeah, I thought about the fact that the Chris mirror match can be quite dull to watch and deal with in general, but I still think it can be done.


I’m on both systems so this can work VERY well either way. I also have a recording device as well. I’m down for leveling up my Chris game. Besides, I wanna play Darchon25 and AlexanderVorg as well.


is anyone still interested in doing this? I was hoping to get some games in with other Chris players. I feel its quite possible for me or anyone to see something in another persons game play that they havent thought of before and maybe incorporate it into their game. I feel chris mirrors would probably be boring too, but maybe we can work something where we have someone running a non-chris team so its not just chris mirrors. I think it would be fun. my PSN/GT is in my signature. so just shoot me a message and let me know what system you are on and we can work out a time from there.


I’m still in. I’m taking a small break until the new year though but still, count me in.


cool, well just hit m e up when you are ready to play. what system are you on btw? also, anyone feel free to hit me up whenever, we dont need to do lobby either, player match works for me and then we can easily take turns running non-chris teams vs each other.


I play on both systems so it’s really no different for me sir.


cool, jus sent some requests to psn and xbox


Any Chris players interested in some sessions? I have been playing a lot with retnuh lately and it has really been helping my game out especially against haggar.

I have also played quite a bit with needlecrash, just not lately. One thing I picked up from both guys is just how great c.m is. I already knew it was a great normal but never used it much. After seeing it in action I have made it part of my game. There is more I have picked up but my point is chances are from playing with other Chris players we may pick things up that we hadn’t seen, used, it been doing before.

Hope to hear from someone.


Cr.M is the best normal we’ve got by a long shot. If this were SF and not marvel we’d have a top tier normal. Too bad the top tier can still faceroll a sword normal and wipe us out. Meh.

I’m always down for more games, just my life is in an interesting piviot point right now so I’m not sure when I’ll be on and on what system. Ps3 seems to be the norm for right now.


Good to hear you are down for more games. Any others want in on this, joe? vorg?


I’m shocked to know that our NorCal to Alabama connection is as solid in marvel as it’s been so long as nothing else is pulling on the bandwidth.


I’d be down for something like that.


sounds good. what system do you play on?


I got to play Joe the other day and that was hella fun. I got to see how ironfist pairs with chris and to my surprise the flying kick works REALLY well with Chris

Now that I have played 3 other Chris players from hear that if we can get a session with all four of us it would be fun. I don’t think the matches with get too stale or boring either since we all have different styles, combos, etc.

Hopefully this is more than a thread and some of you hop on board.


I grabbed a couple XBL Gold trial codes so I’m using them up.
If anyone wants to play add me @ Spooky C


Ill be sending you a request today? My connection has been pretty bad lately withpeels outside of Cali, where you at?


I’m in PA so I’m sure it’ll be a rough time but I’d still like to get games in. I randomly pop up in the evenings since my school schedule is scattered. I’ll keep an eye out whenever I’m on.


anyone want to get some games in before evo? also, is anyone from here going to be attending? I will be there and would like to play any of you in person at the event. hit me up of you want to play, will be attending and want to meet up or both.