Potential Competitive Rules Changes?

I was wondering if anyone could see any rules changes as far as set up goes for any competitive scenes. In Brawl, there are a lot of restrictions as far as infinites, stage selection, etc. There was and continues to be extended talk of banning Metaknight as well, though it’s never actually happened. It’s kind of nice by comparison having no limits in Mahvel, but at the same time, I’m glad Dedede’s infinite is stifled by no walk off stages or walls in Brawl, for anyone who knows what that means.

Could they possibly:
A) Make any stages illegal
B) Set the standard damage output to a lower setting
C) Make use of X-Factor Illegal

Or anything else anyone can think of.
Do any of these, or any other restrictions seem like they could improve the core aspects of this game, competitively?

I can’t actually see any of these happening, but it’s interesting to think about. Especially if they scaled the damage back to low so the fights would go longer and 100%'s not so much of an option. I personally play with low damage against friends, makes it more entertaining IMO.

I’m also trying to get a feel for the competitive scene in this game, as the only one I currently am really familiar with is Brawl.

We’re not the brawl scene… we take the game as is. Not to mention the fact that theirs been a good amount of tourneys already at this point. People have been training and doing casuals at a standard that was set: the one out of the box.

Infinites aren’t a problem in this game cause, no matter what, infinite or no, you can still die in one combo. The only thing I can think of is banning the one stage that makes it hard to see. Even then, there really shouldn’t be a ban. Usually its default to training stage anyways. We can’t really change damage since, this discussion has already been had when it first came out. And the standard has already been set.

A lot of people are wondering when Capcom will adjust x factor…making it less influential or optional.

Despite a lot of opposition against the mechanic I don’t think it will ever be banned.

Softban on Helicarrier for various reasons.

Keep the additional rules for friendlies/casual matches.

No, I doubt there will never be any restrictions like that placed on the game in tournaments. If the game becomes so bad that special rules need to be imposed, I imagine people will just stop playing it.

This game isn’t unplayable garbage like Brawl.

I hate even talking about such a scrubby game.

i still think softban on helicarrier/demon village is reasonable. poor visibility on a lot of TVs on helicarrier, demon village’s entire back ground moves, hard to tell where corner is

I don’t see the need to apply any of those rules… lol@softban suggestions… softbans don’t even mean anything.

Brawl is awesome.

The only one of those that has a remote chance of being enforced is stage soft-bans due to visibility (which has already been taken up by Power-Up and UFGT7, fyi).

As for gameplay options? You play the game that was given to you, not the game you personally wished it was.

one controversial one would be both X-factor at the same time on PS3’s. Two times already I’ve experienced mass framedrops with two Xfactor characters on the same screen. Sentinel and Dormammu (+ airport stage) and the other time was Taskmaster and Dark Phoenix at the Asgard stage.

Playing MvC3 and talking down about other games.

Its like the pot calling the kettle black hah!

Angry smash players coming out of the woodwork.

No rule changes in MvC3 are required.

It’s amazing how badly this forum reacts to any mention of smash. I don’t like the game competitively, but you guys are making their community look far more mature (despite their average age being about 6 years younger).

I would have been able to see the tournament standard being low damage setting. I don’t think it’ll even happen though because it would make dark phoenix way overpowered. She needs to die in one combo no questions asked.

The reason the Smash community makes so many rules changes for competitive play is because Smash was never intended to be a competitive game in the first place. If you don’t restrict stages, turn off items, etc., you get a game that just is not at all playable competitively. Remove those factors and you actually have a game worth playing in tournaments.

There’s no need to do that with Capcom fighters because they were designed to be played at high levels of play right of the box.

Nobody is going to strip out stuff like XFactor if they want the game to play more like marvel 2, they’ll just play marvel 2.

these niggas said smash…

No Sentinel
No X-Factor
No Dark Phoenix
No DHC glitch
Final Destination

Lowering damage would benefit the high damage characters and high life characters.

No assists, no hypers, one projectile at a time on the screen, stay safe and have fun poking.

No Hypers
No trijumps
No assists
Fox only.