Potential DLC Characters - Pure Speculation

This thread is probably going to be deleted within 5 minutes of posting but whatever.

When the new characters were announced/leaked,some people may have noticed that they were already in the game within the characters endings.

Hulk - Nemesis
Dorm - Firebrand
She-hulk - Phoenix Wright
Ryu - Iron Fist
Hsien Ko - Dr. Strange
Dante - Ghost Rider

Half the new characters were already in the game. So I looked over the rest of the cast and checked out who else could be coming to MVC3.

Morrigan - Mephisto, Satannish
Chris - Daredevil
Felicia - Dazzler
Chun Li - Kingpin
Ammy - Ka-zar
Viewtiful Joe - Spiral, Mojo
Tron - Megaman, Serverbot
Arthur - Fin Fang Foom
Zero - Silver Surfer
C.Viper - Nick Fury
Jill - Blade
Trish - Nightcrawler
Magnito - Nightcrawler, Archangel, Iceman (couple others that I had no clue who they were)
Storm - Black Panther
Dormmau - Lord Raptor
Thor - Heimdall
Sentinel - Dan

I doubt that a lot of these characters are going to be in the game but it would be fun to have Megaman and Nightcrawler. We’ll see what happens in the future.

I wonder about this too. Niitsuma did want 58 characters in UMvC3 originally but had to cut 8 since they wanted it out this year in November, I wonder who exactly did they cut.

As for potential DLC, all I can say is Mega Man. He’s too big of a cash cow for Capcom to pass up and with all of the demand there is, I wouldn’t be surprised if a last second Collectors Edition with DLC characters happened again with Mega Man as one of them.

After all the bitching I really hope there are more characters and Megaman still don’t make the cut. And more Troll Characters over Megaman would be great too.

When was the last new Megaman game released?

Um… last year.

Oh right…Megaman 10.

Nightcrawler, Silver Surfer, and Blade. Good gosh that would be awesome.

If there will be extra DLC, I think some form of Mega Man wouldn’t be a terrible choice. I like him. His fanboys can get annoying, but I like him. Been following the Mega Man series since I was a kid, and I don’t want to see the character die, but if he’s not in, so be it.

My ideal DLC line-up would be…

Moon Knight

Runners up - Colossus, Black Panther, Silver Surfer

Captain Commando
Classic Mega Man

Runners up - Falcon, Hayato, Samanosuke

Furthermore, call me crazy, but Zero should get his MMZ costume as DLC, and VJ should get Regular Joe.

TvC leftovers should be high up on the list considering they require a lot less work than creating new characters:


Don’t forget Dust. She was in Deadpool’s ending.

Also, I would lovelovelovelove Moon Knight.

As much as wanting Megaman is a bandwagon, so is hating that people want him. If you’re trying to get either to stop, just ignore it. There’s no need to create more unwanted tension.


Captain Falcon would’ve made a great mvc character…

Am I the only one who wants to see Juri make it in this game, I mean I’m in love with Chun-li and was mad hype when her trailer dropped for vanilla mvc3 but man Capcom made her so unbelievably ass in this game that I’d put Hsein-ko above her. So putting in Juri would kinda be like an alternate to to Chun, plus she’s a total badass. I’m sure I don’t have to list the similarities between the two.

Ms. Marvel(Carol Danvers)
Emma Frost

Megaman EXE(So the X fans can complain some more)


The only TVC characters that I wouldn’t mind being brought over are Saki and Batsu.

Going by Niitsuma’s 10 additional character wants and what we know (he said 58 excluding Jill and Shuma), the best I can hope for is this:

Megaman (classic).
Jon Talbain.

The Lizard.

so does that mean we would have 60 characters than 58? that would be pretty cool.

I like most of them tbh. The only two i do NOT want at all are Alex because he’s boring shit imo, and rock, because volnutt is a shitty version. X is welcome though. The rest (Batsu, Saki, Kaijin No Soki and Roll) i’m ok with. Especially Batsu, he’s my most desired character at the moment.

I could see them adding Roll and maybe by a long shot Batsu, but not the rest, they are way too obscure/local in my opinion.

Blade would have me big time interested to be honest, that’d be fun. I am let down that out of all this new character stuff there is no sign of MegaMan nor Psylocke.

No, the 58 roster included Jill and Shuma.

We won’t be getting two spidey villains. And most likely won’t get Dazzler.