Potential Free Item and Lots of Free Gifts! HD DVDs, DVDs FT/FS

Please delete. Started new thread.

I’m in Boston and work in retail, but I don’t think I get any discount because it’s at a PC store where everything is academic pricing. Of course, I am a grad student so I might be able to help you out there :lovin:

How would you be able to help me out if you’re a grad student?

Just saying I can get academic pricing

Does academic prices for laptops come close to or beat BF prices?

can i see a picture of the box for pan’s labyrinth?

No. Just kidding, here it is:


can you do 35 shipped for:

pans labyrinth
the count of monte cristo
old school
catch me if you can

Since you’ve bought from me before, sure. I’ll PM you my paypal.


Added Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

If you can hold it for a week (I gotta wait to get paid) I’ll take that DVD player off your hands.

Sure. Let me know when you get paid.

I will be getting paid this upcoming Friday and can send you the money via paypal then.

the asian girl cds are performances in really high quality. hyori looks amazing in HD :slight_smile:

Added lots of new stuff.

Added more stuff, lowered some prices, and the DVD player is sold.

Are you willing to negotiate on any of these prices?

I would be looking to take GGXX off your hands but not for $35. I could get Slash for less than that right now so why would I pay more for an older version of the game?

How does $15 shipped being paid through paypal on debit sound? That would mean you get $14.56 since the 3% would already be factored into the $15.

Yes I am.

I have no idea, since I don’t know much about the series. Last time I checked, most were selling around or a little more then my asking price and they weren’t even in as good condition as mine.

It sounds like something most people said when they heard Kobe scored 81.

Well the game stores around me list it at $35 used. But then as far as GG games go in the US, its the most recent one so they can get away with charging a higher price for it. Though if you are someone who knows there are other version of the game out then its kind of a rip off.

I bought GGX off of some one a month or two ago and having GGXX would be nice since its closer to the current versions of the game. Really I am just looking for something to tide me over until GG:AC comes to the US since I would rather have a direct port of the arcade version instead of the japanese version which has some glitches. So if you really want someone to take it off your hands I will take it for the $15 that I offered above. Just PM me or something if you want to take me up on the offer.