Potential hint for Hakan's inclusion in SFxT--Straight from Capcom-Unity

So, I’ve been trolling the fighting game sites today expecting new info from TGS to pop up (as it seems to happen) and while scrolling through this bit of translated blog over at Capcom-Unity (http://www.capcom-unity.com/gregaman/blog/2011/09/16/tgs_begins!_rolento,_zangief,_heihachi,_lili,_toro_and_kuro_join_the_fray!) I stumbled under this little bit…

A character that is all too familiar to Street Fighter fans! Who will Zangief be partnering with in Street Fighter X Tekken!?
I bet that most people will want to see him team with a younger partner, but a fellow giant might be even more interesting, no?

Far be it from me to read into things too much, but I think this gives credence to at least the POSSIBILITY of Hakan. Once again, I may be reading into this, but the inclusion of “, no?” at the end is very much part of the vernacular and dialect that Hakan uses in his sentences, not to mention the fact that despite his poor posture, Hakan is quite large.

Now, sure, this is more than likely a Honda hint, but, in the game of odds, I think Hakan makes more sense than Honda. Sure, there are other possibly random inclusions, like Haggar (which doesn’t seem likely, as he has the same freaking moveset as Zang) or Sodom/Birdie (also possibilities, but I see no canon reason why they would team up).

So, take it with a grain of salt, but it may be something.

It’s Rufus.

I wouldn’t really consider Rufus a giant. I mean, yeah, he’s…uh…fat…but I don’t think anyone ever called Rufus so.


Its gonna be Sodom

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I just don’t want you to get your hopes up! :sweat: They’ve just been revealing characters in a pattern. Based on the newest SFxT cinematic trailer, Rufus is Zangief’s partner. I’d like to be wrong here though.

R. Mika. All day. I generally don’t like the character. But a lot of people do and she’s long over due for a cameo/being a playable character in a game.
I mean shit, they put Kayo Police in the game. Why not R. Mika?

But Zangief looks nothing like Ken Masters…

Sorry dude-
Rufus’ is more or less in.

Thanks for analyzing it I haven’t had the chance to read this capcom blog post, but your view is logical, and Hakan has the nickname listed on his SSF4’s character plate being “Turkish Mountain”. I think this is the part where it’s guessing game fun for hakan fans, if he got in, that’s great! If not, no problem. Would love to see birdie in as well, haven’t seen him for awhile now in any SF game.

On a nutshell hakan is a hitter and if he is integrated into a more tekken system he would fit in quite nicely without tipping over too much of the balance and even Ono said he wanted to put Tekken element into SFxTek, only the problem is could hakan be the only one who’s got a focus attack?

I saw sodom actually in the background of this video here [http://au.gamespot.com/events/tgs-2011/video.html?sid=6335024&tag=topslot;thumb;3] he dresses up in traditional Japanese robe also someone who looked like Hugo looking hillarious with fan and glasses and I can’t stop laughing looking at the funny animation of Hagar chasing around some folks in the night time scene of the stage :wink:

Yes, that trailer was showing off a fight between the two tag teams. just like the last two (A fight between Ryu/Ken and Kazuya/Nina and a fight between King/Marduk and Poison/Hugo). Zangiefs partner is Rufus. Sorry. :frowning:

^And yeah, as i mentioned before, I cannot imagine Hakan without a Focus attack, he relies on that so much.

It’s either Rufus or Honda.

Rufus because of the cinematic, Honda because of the infamous Alpha 3 ending where he destroys the psycho drive using repeated SPDs on Honda, using Honda’s amazing head to destroy the machine.

While I’d love Hakan to be in the game, on this one though, I don’t think he is.

Its T.Hawk!!!

dan hibiki i called it !!

1st Dan was already deconfirmed
2nd Dan would have a way more awesome partner than gief

steven segal does not approve


LMAOOO on the Steven Seagal photo shop picture , you SRK fools have nothing better to do, shit has me dyingggggggg

Pattern nothing. Where the hell is my Cody and Guy then if this is true? If I remember correctly Ono trolled something along the lines of “The cast is going to be huge”. This to me seems like T.hawk and Hakan could make it in easy. Only difference would be that Hakan would have ot be oiled 100% of the time, or maybe he oils up when tagged out. Still I won’t put it past them to add him in.

Nah. There’s a pattern if you think about it. At these events, they usually finish up a team and begin another one. Think of it like Poison, Yoshimitsu, Steve, and Dhalsim @ SDCC. Steve and Dhalsim finished up Hwoarang and Sagat’s teams respectively, and Poison and Yoshimitsu began half of their teams. Cody and Guy don’t fall into this pattern because they were teased similarly to Asuka/Lili. They both were in a trailer but they weren’t the focus of the trailer. I’m pretty sure Rufus is Gief’s partner and if I had to guess, we’ll see one half of the Cody/Guy team next month at NYCC.

I guess that works? Not sure if I buy that as a pattern, more like just a character release schedule. If it was a pattern Lili would have been with Asuka, etc etc. I dunno no big deal really. Still not sure how it rules out Hakan though. And I still think that at the Brazil gaming event they will reveal Blanka or Sean for SF and Eddie or Christie for Tekken.

i don’t think its possible to put the oil mechanic into a crossover game honestly