Potential Mixup THCs?



I’ve been playing Chris/Hulk/Arthur.
I’ve noticed that Gamma Quake has Hulk recover pretty quickly. Which is why you can turn gamma charges that are blocked into (for some characters) a safe move by cancelling into Gamma Quake.

Completely stealing a page from the Marlinpie “mixups on THCs” book, I’ve been playing around with Hulk (anti-air assist) and THCing with either or both Chris/Arthur (Chris the grenade super/assist, Arthur with dagger assist/Goddess bracelet).

Hypothetically, in an incoming character/standing character, you can do a THC, using Gamma quake to keep them on lockdown, and Goddess Bracelet/Grenades keeping them in blockstun, in an attempt to land a hit in as Hulk recovers faster than those supers.

At the very least, it can make covering ground a bit easier for Hulk, or at least keeping your opponent in blockstun.

Anything else you guys can think of?


Im a fellow Hulk user myself and i just have to say that this technique is good for incoming corner mixups. I run Hulk Ryu Sent and i will normally do GQ and DHC into denjin ryu while calling drones. This allows ryu to do what ever he likes. Overheads, lows try to grab before rocks fall.  Alot of options with this. Also if i catch anybody in the corner i do air seris then THC ( i use gamma wave) with tatsu super and hulk recovers faster allowing for more damage. Love hulk ryu synergy.