Potetally damagd board, need advice (HRAP VX SA)


After soldering the wires to the board of the VX, following the wiring diagram in thepost below

After attaching a wire to “A;” “A,” “X,” “LT,” and “RT” suddenly became continuous.

What the fuck did I just do and can it be fixed?


Its not hard, you probably just bridged the points above those points. The area above those points are ground, so its being tied down to ground at all times. Clean up your solder to make sure it doesn’t touch the points above.

Be sure to check on both sides of the board since the points are found on both sides of the board


I’ll check when I get home to see if that’s the case, though I find it really strange this ended up happening the way it did. I check for continuity every time I solder a joint and everything seemed fine before I soldered A in place.


I’m fucking retarded. The buttons were shorted to ground and to each other because I was working on it with the face laying on the table and the buttons were pressed.

Please close this abomination of a thread.


it happens.
it happened to me more times than i can count