Pound for Pound. Who has the Best Supers

SNK or Capcom.

Now i have not played all the new snk games but i am quite sure that they have not done it up that much.

But from KOF 94 - threw Kof XI skipping Kof 2003 ( i hate that game)

Sam Sho 1- 5

World heros


All the alphas

All street fighters

all capcom

CvS 2.

Out of the two companies which do you think put the most creativity and just down right Funk!(by funk! i mean when you got hit by that super move you would just walk away from the machine because you did not want to hear you character either scream or see them get hit by that shit) on a super move.

Personally i think SNK blows capcom out of the water with this. Snk characters tend to have an ultimate move out side of their regular move set. While capcom characters always seemed to have just a powered move from there regular move set(i know snk did this as well, it just seems to me that capcom did this with alot more than snk did). Boring.


Ralph 98

all three of his was gangsta!@@!

Hoahmaru Sam sho 1- Damn that big sword hit you it was over



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Capcom always seems to mess up on one or two supers and make them too powerful, while other are just useless. Chun’s SA.2 and Genei Jin come to mind. Also AHVB in Marvel. But then Remy gets Blue Nocturne… :rolleyes: I wonder… What would Dudley be like with a Cross-Counter super art?

I’ve never played SNK games competitivly enough to get the details on their supers, but in Capcom vs. SNK there are some pretty gay supers all around.


That is why jason blackman owns you.:rofl:

KOF- Iori Maiden Masher with ender in KOF ‘02
SS- Basara
SFA- Guy’s black screen from Alpha 3
SSFIIT- Zangeif
CvS2- Hibiki where the screen turns white
Garou- Terry Buster Wolf!!
Darkstalkers- All of Anakaris’ FTW

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capcom wins by default and snk shouldnt even be making fighting games :tdown:

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Damn this bring back memories.

Hibiki- Black out is sick.

Does anyone know where you can gif of the characters doing supers.

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Edit: I just watched those matches. AND!@! ??? was there something i was supposed to notice. you used a groove bison against c athena. What did you want some an applause, respect, acknowledgment. Please bitch! Your bison is wack and i say that because i have played better. Second i have seen more matches of jason kicking your ass than you kicking his. Sorry you lose! Drop bwoy!



Sagat’s C.Fierce.

Aegis Reflector

No lie. When people first starting doing this in the arcade. I stop playing marvel. This FN super w/3 bars is soul stealer dog.

ability to be comboed
the damn speed
damage capability

Cable is definitely one of capcom top 5 to date.

Thats was uncalled for. :rofl:

Although the galactic Phantom.

yo rate everthying.

Aegis ain’t shit. His Shoulder is the damn problem.

hibiki has the best looking supers in cvs2

iori’s maiden masher with that thingy at the end is pretty cool also

can’t forget akumas chop.


Hotaru’s orgasm super easily secures SNK’s status of having the best supers

Yamazaki’s SDM. The hickie of death.

oroborous is pretty beast

too bad strider dies before the match begins

you and jason crapman are the only to scubs that plays cvs2 online? snk always has better looking supers hands down. you lost snake again?

Is there any websites that you guys know of where we can post up some gifs of the supers being done. I ran into a few in my days of trying to find a avatar but have since lost them.