Pound for Pound. Who has the Best Supers

Hibiki’s supers were better in Last Blade 2 than cvs2. That instant dragon punch motion + slash super was wicked. You could just dash up and do it. INSTANT. Could not be blocked on reaction.

I dunno about SNK super-iority over Capcom. Capcom’s supers may tend to be simply powered-up versions of regular specials, but I’ll take that over “random collection of normals followed by special move with UBER EFFEX” that makes up most SNK supers.


Triple/Power Geyser
Busta wolf
Raging demon
Galactica phantom (kof 98)
Maiden masher (kof 01/02)
K’ chain drive (kof 03)
Yamazaki - the drill / la guilitine and …? from kof 02
Ryu - shin shoryuken
ryo/mr.karate/robert - ryuko ranbu/ hoah sho ko ken
geese/rock - raging storm
any DM/SDM from igniz
Shin Bison - mega psycho crusher (alpha 2/3?)

Yes, but on the flip side of that we have Rasputins “Secret Garden” :wasted:

Dans supers> All other game characters supers(only his buddies pocket fighter supers come close)

All i have to say to this is NO!

Come on have you seen the the galactic Phantom?

Yamazaki’s SDM- which that dude reminded me of because it did slip my memory for a second. He snatches your ass, then drags you arcrossssssssssssssss the screen. Then precedes to kick the shit out of you while screaming ’ F yo couch nigga’ repeatedly. Have you ever had the screen fade to black while he was stomping on you. :shake: dishearting.

Ryus- Shin:tup: That shit is just ugly, The zoom is not welcome or necessary. Ryu studies that ‘iama kill you karate’.

Snk supers to me have more thought put in and the just feel right. Capcoms super are a means to an end; you beating your opponent. SNK supers are you crushing your opponent in everyway shape and from. His spirit, character, and will to continue.:rock:

Back in 98’ my scrub killer combo was ralf gimme yo teeth super when he is punching the shit outta you on the floor and then immediatel do the phantom. That shit would kill if the did not roll or jump.:encore:

I don’t think you’ve played MvC2 then. The supers in that game blow anything SNK did out of the water. Flashier and more creative.

All of SNK’s supers are just them running forward doing their entire moveset and finishing off with a DP. They’re all the same.

Capcom on the other hand:

Cap America’s final Justice
Jill’s tyrant super
Chun Li’s seven star air super kick from MvC 1

Lotta people in this thread seem to have played an SNK game about once in their life.

Oh i Just remember! Capcom does have a gangsta game for supers but alot of yall don’t like.


Shoma’s Fn Assist super. Man if you ever looset to that shit. It’s like the metal bat ain’t never hit nothing before hitting your character. BANG!@!

To bad i use that shit against people and i don’t ever get hit by it. :confused: :shake: So what if i did loose a match to this a few times i’m ok.

K hands down. best super ever. In any game. And I’ve played them all (beats the crap out of those supers in DBZ tenkaichi

LB2, Setsuna’s SDM attack throw. If I find a vid of it, I’ll post it up.

W0rd. Dan’s CvS2 supers definitely. But Q’s supers > Dan’s supers > everything else. Especially SAII. The only thing on your mind when you get hit by Q’s SAII is “Oh…shit.” Especially when it’s the end of a combo, and the move leaves you stunned in the corner.

Play 3rd Strike, learn the combos, and then you’ll see why REAL MEN USE Q?.


Seconded. Damn, I almost forgot all about the RS supers. So really…Rival Schools supers > Q’s supers > Dan’s supers > everything else.

So to answer the question at hand, Capcom pwnz0rs SNK super-wise.

I can’t front on you. Cap’s gets maybe 5/4 out of 10

Jill who?

Chun li’s shit was DOPE! i remember there was a long pause before that shit you and it was crazy seeing her in that flying horse kick pose.:hitit:

Yo which super from K are you talking about. The rush down one? There was one year where he did the speed shift move before he hit with the one inch punch that was definitely i high moment in SNK SUPERS:rock:

Although i did not like that fact that i could not combo it for shit. Damn it had a slow ass start up.

No dude. Cap’s Final Justice is awesome. Especially the finish. After beating the crap out of you, he tosses you up 50 feet in the air, jump up, grabs you, and slams you into the ground.

Jill was the Resident Evil chick. She played dead while her Tyrant zombie sliced you to bits. Then she shoots you and the zombie with her bazooka.

am i the only one that thinks dan has the best super?

the taunt super is cool. give u a full super meter so you could rape dan.

Man i know who Jill is i am saying her shit sucks ASSS. :arazz:

HH- i am trying to be fair here and that’s why i brought up RS. Don’t let me bring out the big guns.

Butt from Garou- Any one of his supers

Especially the Sho oh kEn.

And jus the animation. Damn:tup: :rock: :tup:

Sorry I meant OK. If I was referring to “K” I’d have type K’. Which I say K prime.

Setsuna has the best SNK super I’ve ever seen. Fuck raging demon, Setsuna steals your soul.

if we’re talkin priority and stuff, Leona’s V-Slasher in kof2k2 beats everything.

FFVII Cloud’s Omnislash!!!

oooops, wrong thread.

Well that’s an akward value.

Shoulder is parry bait.

Although not useful, I liked Akuma’s supers, although not all of them are useful.