POV controls to Directional pad?

I’m playing with a Virtua Stick High Grade, which is great, but Windows 7 recognizes the stick as a Point of View analog stick. That becomes a problem when certain PC fighters don’t recognize the POV for directions and like to force D’pad use for movement.

Is there a program or fix that lets me trick POV into Directional inside Windows?

Sorry if this has been asked before.

That POV hat IS the dpad. Your PC fighters that dont like it are expecting input via the X/Y axis, AKA analog stick.
Use a program like Xpadder or joy2key to map the POV hat to keyboard keys and you’ll be fine.

There’s Xpadder and JoyToKey. Both programs allow you to remap your arcade stick or game controller buttons to keyboard keys.

Edit: I see the great Toodles beat me to it

I third JoyToKey, took me a while to figure it out but when you get it its awesome

Thanks, joy2key works great. Opens up a shitton of possibilities…:amazed: