POV sticks with SF4AE on PC (Hori VX)


I was thinking of buying the Hori Officially Licensed Fighting Stick VX (Xbox 360), for use mainly with Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition on the PC (steam version).

Have seen a few troubling threads that say SF4AE does not recognize the directional inputs of Dpad-POV sticks on the PC. Does anyone know if this has been fixed by a patch? Using a 360 pad it doesn’t allow me to bind controls to the Dpad, however the Dpad seems to work if movement is bound to the left analogue stick.

Even better could anyone who has a Hori VX confirm that it works out of the box with SF4AE on the PC (ie works wihout having to rely on third party programs like joytokey).



Unpatched SSF4:AE does not accept POV hat. You need to get the patches so that the game will accept POV hat. Note that it will map the POV hat as ‘buttons’ in the button config. It doesn’t affect anything, it just looked weird to me.


Mine is indeed working fine w/ AE:2012 on PC DL’d from steam.


I second that. Working fine with AE 2012 here too.


my Hori VX doesnt work with AE 2012 any thoughts on why it wont work?