Poverty Strikes Back: E's Laf

Anybody knows this poverty shit?

Download: here.

E’s Laf, a freeware (and no-FM2nd) fighting game by a Doujin circle called AKENOMATURI, pretty based on GGX (surprise?).

Is somewhat old (was released on April 2009), but i never heard about this, not on SRK and not on Mizuumi, so…

Is decent for a freeware game, not as Vanguard Princess, but still fun stuff. The CPU is a nightmare by the way!. Seems that a new version is coming pretty soon.

i heard about it from srk. been eyeing it for a while

here’s some sort of blog or something. it has pretty pictures and a beta version or something, that you can’t get from the main site.

In that case Search button has betrayed me =(

Yeah, there is a new version coming, the last screenies were posted today, nothing too ambitious here, but still not bad.


Do you know all the default keys so I can easily set this up with xpadder? Or is there a way for it to natively see my stick and what not?

Had to google.

There was a thread about it on SRK IIRC…

Yeah, ‘Team Spooky’ and friends kinda broke the game down a while back.

There’s a glitch that literally just breaks the game.


What glitch?

i followed the old thread, dont remember anything about a glitch. someone enlighten us?

Sorry if there is already a thread about this, i just searched if there was a thread but oh well…

Yeah, what glitch?

My good sir you even posted on that old thread. =)


Still, its a fun game, I hope to have some matches to see what its like.

Ahh this doujin with very small sprites right?


Can’t find the actual video of it but it just brought up an error window causing the game to fuck up.

Where is this particular info? If you say it’s on the main page of the site to DL the game, i’d say…“oh hell nah”.

I’ve had this game forever.

Pretty, and preety fun.

But there’s only 5 characters. :sad:

I played one version where if you played the girl with the sword and did jabs at point blank, they did like half health so you could just chain someone to death by mashing on jabs a couple times. Does that still work?

Other than that, yeah it was fun.

Damn, fuck myself, sorry about this mess.

digimonemporer, watch the official blog, they have new screenshots, it seems that they also change the art who now looks good.


because nobody asked for it