Power a p360 from a wall - Good idea or am I an idiot?

I want my stick to be able to run on a PSX dual shock PCB and then be able to use a converter to go to whatever my heart desires. Due to the uncertainty of voltage that will be delivered from various converters, I was thinking about using a wall outlet -> USB power adapter so I don’t have to worry about my P360 getting improper voltage.

Here’s what I had in mind, I was going to buy this, http://pc.pcconnection.com/1/1/21754-cables-unlimited-ac-adapter-wall-plug-5v-usb-retractable-zip-linq-zip-pwr-ac.html

and then run a USB cable from the outlet to the case of my stick where I will hack into the 5v wire.

The stick I’m building will have 2 p360s in it. Can I use just 1 power supply like this and split it to both sticks?

If you’re okay using USB power to power the p360’s, why not just use the USB jacks coming off of the PS2?

I intend on using this stick with my Dreamcast so I can’t rely on the PS2’s usb to power the sticks.

But if you’re using a PSX->DC adapter, the power supplied over the power line is 5v. One little diode or a toggle switch inside the the stick where you would connect the power from the USB could make sure the p360 got voltage from USB if there was power there (connected to a PS2) or from the power coming through the PSX cable (connected to a DC, Xbox, GC, PC or whatever via a PSX->whatever converter)

Getting power from the ps2 USB ports works, plenty of people have done it. Getting the power from somewhere else like that wall wart thingy gets one hell of a lot of tricky. Using a diode like above is much easier to assemble and use, and cleaner than having one cable going to the console and one cable going to a wall outlet. An even better idea would be to use a DC-DC step up converter like this:

That way, whether you’re getting 3.something volts from the console, or 5ish volts from using an adapter, it will always be a flat 5v going to the p360. (Note: input voltage should be between 1.1v and 4.5v, so add in a diode before the step up converter, so in case it gets 5v from the console, the diode will drop it to about 4.3v, which the converter converts to 5v even for the p360)

What’s wrong with just using batteries?

I want to avoid batteries if at all possible in this project; the less I have to worry about after construction the happier I will be.

I like the idea of a diode drawing power from the USB if it is available and drawing from the PSX line as it’s 2nd sources (which should be 5v from the DC if the USB isn’t in use).

From my quick google research the first pin of a USB connection should be 5v, so if I use a PSX->PS3 converter (USB, I got some of those Korean converters coming from Laugh) I can assume that the PSX controller will be receiving 5v just like a dreamcast connection, right?

Why don’t you just look for a rechargeable battery pack kit that you can add to it? That way you can just plug your stick into an adapter and charge it when you’re not playing.

I suppose that could work too. Would it just be 4 1.5V batteries in series cut down to 5V with some simple circuit? Do you have any experience with this sort of project?

Very nice. I bought my converter for like $30 :looney: