Power Instinct 3: Groove on Fight


Yes, just about no one here has ever heard of or seen this game which is a real shame. Being that the only console release for it was on Saturn didn’t exactly help out the title too much. I’m sure a lot of you already know this, but in the US being released on the Saturn was already bad enough, but being released as a RAM cart game meant that it would NOT be released in the US ( that and the fact, that the US tends to frown on anything remotely risque). Even with that said, I still love my Saturn. I used to be a devout stick person, but the momement I touched the Saturn pad it was almost like finding a greater truth / enlightenment.

Thankfully, I chanced upon this game many years back with a friend while at an import game store. It was hard for the game not to catch your eye. The box art was kind of alluring (this is Range Murata art damn it). The pics in the back seemed fairly interesting to me too. Interestingly enough, at the time, it seemed to be the best selling or most wanted import Saturn game at that store. (I wonder where those purchasers are now). What really sparked my interest was taking a look through the instruction booklet (which I was fortunate enough to be able to do and was to me actually the strongest selling point). I was very surprised to see how deep the game engine seemed. To make a long story short, it wound up being the funnest fighter I have ever played.

I never actually had a chance to mess around w/ the arcade ver or the MAME ver, though I would really like to (hopefully I can get up on a stronger computer in the near future). I will say this though, playing 4 player mode w/ people who know what they’re doing on the Saturn is freaking awesome! Hopefully one day we’ll see a more accessable console release of a Power Instinct Collection with GOF. In the mean time, just keep intruding people to GOF in whatever way you can.

Btw, I just wanted to thank Soh really quick for posting vids. Good stuff. Keep it coming. I’m also kind of curious exactly where it’s coming from and from what event. General game question: I’ve seen in a vid that Larry has some sort of donkey kick. Is this his down GA (the ducking launcher)? If it is, the Saturn version of this move looks WAY different. Instead, he crouches down and palms the opponent into the air.

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lol i know this game, in fact i know the whole series all the way.

It was a semi-hit in arcades because of the crisp combos and fast game play.

I was playing mostly ninja and monk, fun times.


There is one more tournament to upload on Nico Douga, but now I haven’t much spare time to make all the cuts needed.

Here are the links:


That’s a really good solis/Larry player in that last vid. Is that all of that tournament? Because it looks like he was trying to get killed off to set up another match.

Also since it’s in a round robin format do you know the standings?


RavenTech - you say it was a semi-hit in the arcade. Were you actually able to play GOF in an arcade in the US? I’ve never seen it in an arcade, not even in Japan (I did see Power Instinct 1 & 2 in the arcades here, tho you needed to look a little hard).

Soh - hells yeah, keep em coming.

From the looks of the vid, I don’t think Larry’s “donkey kick” is his down GA. I have a feeling that it may be a missing move on the Saturn ver. Does anyone happen to know the command for it? Thanks.

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Downforward+HK if I remember correctly. But the move is useless as you cannot combo after it. Guess I tested it before.


Actually i came from china, so yeah, we had 2 or 3 PI3s in the state, one of the arcades even had it on large screen too, back then only the games with big splashy sounds got put on the big screen, therefore SFA2, SS2 and PI3. PI3 was mainly there because PI legends did very well in arcades, then i guess PI3 was too different and everyone shifted to KOF97

I remember there were 4-5 PI1 in our city spread out in different arcades, because the voice and sound effect were so mild, there were always in the corner.


Raventech - so you played the game in China (not the US)?
SinJul - you MAY be correct for the command on the donkey kick, but I seriously think they took out that move on the Saturn. I’ve been playing it for 12 years now and have never seen that move (I tried the command but to no avail).

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yup, never seen one in US.


Don’t cry guys, maybe the next Power Instinct will be Groove on Fight 2. Dunno where the new one actually went, was it released? I just hope they make a new GoF. The game is just so awesome.


I’m not crying over GOF (…now). Hopefully I can give the arc ver a go in the very near future. For those who got it running fairly smoothly, what are the stats of your comp and what ver of MAME are you using? I don’t think I’ve seen any further continuation of this game yet. The closest I’ve seen was Matrimalee, but GOF people already know that’s not a continuation. Who knows, maybe in 2015 (refer to the character endings). I really hope they make an arcade accurate collection, but that maybe wishful thinking. As downloadable content on a current platform could a strong… maybe. :smile:

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I’m using mameUI64. I run it on my laptop and there is not problem with it, (my laptop is a year old and not exactly gaming equipped). The only problem is heat whenever I play ANY game on this thing but that is if I play a game for hours on end.


I got a 1,86Ghz notebook with a Intel X3000 Graphic card and 1GB RAM. I can’t have any programm runing except GoF on MameUI 1.27 because else it will slow down.


Best combo video ever! :rock:

Part 1 [media=youtube]g7bO4g_VpsE[/media]
Part 2 [media=youtube]uO88djdByIw[/media]
Part 3 [media=youtube]Ha0q2fI4M4w[/media]
Part 4 [media=youtube]INQMvUGFQMI[/media]

Originally found on Nico Nico Douga:

Part 1 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8700177
Part 2 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8700821


I was so suprised when I saw the video on Nico Video. After the Larry part I already knew it’s the best combo video for this game. 40minutes of combos for all arcade characters. Really awesome combo video and it made me love the game even more. :3


I just stumbled across these vids a few weeks ago after doing a random search for GOF combos on YT. I was VERY pleasantly surprised with the goodness that was packed in the vids. That was truly definitive stuff. I hate to admit it, but I’m just about holding out for these guys to get buck nasty with boss combos. It’s been a little while since I’ve given the game a go, but I’ll see about trying out some of those combos. I only had ONE combo that was ever so slightly better than one of the Hizumi combos by one hit. :wgrin: Many thanks for sharing.

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Just popping into say I just picked up the Saturn version; I don’t have concrete frame data or anything but it seems to run just as well as the arcade revision; seems same speed, haven’t run into combo discrepancies as of yet.

Will play more and probably record matches in the weeks to come.


There are a few things I can note that are different in the Saturn version vs the Arcade version:

  1. There is definitely a lack of frames in the Sat ver (You can tell from vids of the arcade. Just take a careful look even at players standing still/breathing). The Saturn version even took out/modified attacks of characters. Ex: in the arcade version, Tenjinbashi has a jumping forward HP attack that is different than his cross up HP attack. In the Sat ver, you only have his cross up HP (which is SICK useful btw). You can even notice changes in throws. If memory serves me correctly, in the Arc ver, Larry flips off of the opponent after this throw, whereas in the Sat ver he sort of jumps off. I’m sure there are a lot more differences than this (but overall mostly cosmetic).
  2. Larry has a “mule kick” in the Arc that is not present in the Sat ver (or at least I sure as hell don’t know how to pull it off on Sat). I’ve been told that that move wasn’t all that useful anyways.
  3. This is actually the worst thing and seriously affects game play fo Chris. Unlike the Arc ver, you CANNOT combo from a standing HP or HK into super on the Sat ver. Now this does not mean that the computer can’t do this to you. Occasionally you might notice the computer being able to do some sick combos on you that just cannot be done by human players.

Even though I consider the Sat ver about 15% off from the Arc ver, it is still a VERY playable game. The overall game speed is pretty good (loading kind of sucks, but what can you do about that). I would say that the real joy of the game comes when you play 4 player tag team mode. This is where the Sat REALLY shines. If you need any tips or help in the Sat ver, just let me know.

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I noticed the frame differences but I didn’t notice the small stuff like the throws as of yet; thanks for the info.


Resurrection. Anybody know how to play this online? Sorry for 7 year late bump.