Power Instinct: Matrimelee PS2 (worth it?)

Just wondering, for those of you that own it or have played it, how does it stand up against the original arcade version? Is it a worthy buy? I passed on SNK’s Last Blade Collection for the PS2 because I heard it was pretty horrible and it looks like copies of Matrimelee are starting to become scarce.

I figure now would be the time to pick one up, since I have the opportunity. But if it’s going to be a sub-par fighter, then I might direct my focuses else-where. I heard all the Rage of the Dragons characters where removed… is this true?

P.S. Speaking of Rage of the Dragons, how come that never got a port, I really liked that game!

some inputting is really strange, like for shoryukens. The game is pretty funny other than that (if you don’t tweak the engine of course in which case it becomes mostly broken). A decent casual fighter, no more.

The rage of the dragon charas are out, as well as the judge and the related abuse. Most stupid bugs and/or infinite setups are gone (like Clara’s OTG Hammer). Some characters have half disappeared (pochy is now a transformed form, not a stand alone character). Also some move were altered. Other than that the new gfx are way better than the original and the bonii videos are pretty good in a very matrimelee-thus-stupid PoV.

So it’s not bad, but it’s not unforgettable. A good casual fighter for some fun. But in absolutely no case a tournament-class fighter.

I’m holding a tournament for it this weekend so you can see for yourself!!!

yeah i would have to agree that the input for shoryukens are weird. best thing about the game is that crazy music, fun characters, and pretty fun gameplay.

My only problems with the game is the removal of the RotD characters (which I guess can’t be helped) and the fact that it costs like $60.

I mean, I’m one of the handful of people in America that actually really LIKES the game…but $60???

Otherwise, I’m glad the balanced the game (even though they forgot to balance Angela when they added her). Although, from what little I played of it at FRX, they seemed to make previously NON-top tier characters even worse (WHITE).

I think the whole Power Instinct series peeked at 2 and Groove On Fight. A modern MAME might be the best games of the series. Unsure of Groove on Fight is 100% emulated yet though.

Thanks for the info guys. Who’s everyone favorite character? I’m kinda partial to Olof. Gotta love a bloody punch super from a guy who’s pretty much all kicks.

And I may hold a ROTD tourney at EVO North also…lets hope they make a Double Dragon/ROTD compilation also.

Angela is hella overpowwered in PIM2…easily the best character in the game…and I do mean** EASILY.**

Yes White is hella sorry now, serious.

Well I ended up picking this one up, here’s a tip for those who might need it. Took me a while to get this one, so hopefully this will help some people.

Mission B-6, the one that requries you to get a draw-game to pass, can be easily passed by starting and quiting the mission until good ole Bobby Ologun becomes your opponent. The fact he is so repetitious, has no real projectiles (outside of his super), and constantly uses his butt bump or toe kick means you can basically roll dodge (WP+WK) your way to victory. Both the butt bump and toe kick leave you plenty of time to see them coming, while at the same time last long enough that you’ll safetly unroll before he’s finished (in fact you can even roll twice to get a full screen length away and still be okay). Plus since he’s in the middle of a move, he won’t be able to grapple you. And since there is no contact he can’t build up enough meter to hose you with this super. So it’s 60 seconds of rolling back and forth to victory.

Quick Question… I swear I saw an Olof animation unwrapping (or wrapping) his bloody hand in the arcade version… yet I haven’t seen this animation anywhere in the PS2 version… am I missing something? Did they remove it for some reason? Does anyone have a GIF of this or know where I could find one?

Inputs for moves are a bitch, but hell yeah, especially if you enjoyed Rage of the Dragons.

Yeah the hard way. Here’s the easy way to pass the mission. Get close and press LP till time runs out. For some reason when you press LP near the CPU they crouch block or go into a blocking animation. So do that and that’s the mission passed easy. And if you don’t have the turbo or can’t press LP for 60 seconds straight. Pause it and rest and then go back to the LP barrage. Enjoy.

Even easier : jump back constantly versus bobby, the AI is shit and will keep doing the same animations at the other side of the screen so you’ll jump with your back to the side of the screen for whatever time is needed…

The gif for Olof’s hand exists, it’s somewhere on one of the sprites sources on the web and it was not included in the ps2 release afaik.

whats wrong with the LB 1+2 port?

I never played Power Instinct beyond the first game, but I always like Thin Nen. How is he in Matrimelee?

The problem with the PS2 Last Blades are severely down-graded visuals and some slowdown during play. I’m sure DG can elaborate more on that, as I’ve only seen the games side-by-side when he showed them to me.

Thin Nen (or Chinnen in the newer games) is decent the Matrimelee games I think. Not top-tier or anything, but decent. His stage music is awesome.

I found that Olof Sprite rip… here it is

Olof Injury

for anyone that wants it.

Want Matrimelee 2 Vids? Check this link got them for you all.

Also about Last Blade 2-in-1 it slows down tremendously when there is a high amount of action…its as if you are running it on a Pentium 2 and the system can’t handle it…laugh if you must but when there is a lot of anything going on the game lags…

Which throws off your repel timing and everything…

Bobby Olgun is a joke…not a boss worthy IMO. Very easy, and many say borderline racist against Black people by how they portray him.

He’s way too easy…Sissy at least was more of a challenge…


bobby olgun kicked my ass. how did you defeat him then?

He falls into patterns Jubei…he loves abusing the hammer moves etc…

Watch for it and Double Jump A LOT…you’ll get over it and you can punish him afterwards.

More PIM2 vids!

I said “Yes”, if you want an average but funny game, the “Let’s Go! Yin Yang Fortune-Teller” song at least deserves respect =P