Power Instinct: Matrimelee?

Ok, let it be known, this game is weird as fuck and there’s no denying any of it. But as weird as the old ladies with denchers for projectiles my be, the game is serously fun. I mean, c’mon…it lets you beat up Kuro the ref from the Samurai Showdown games. Anyways…since there are no decent FAQs out there about the game, I was hoping some people here might be able to help out with tactics and strategies (if any). Also, perhaps someone might be able to explain to me the whole “Double Counter” concept as it really makes no sense. X3 Thanks in advance.

isnt a sequel coming out? how big is the player base for this game anyways? is there one atleast? ive played it with a friend for a few hours and i thought there were some interesting stuff.

If there’s a sequel, I had no idea about it. But it’ll be awesome to see it slightly updated, the special effects in Matrimelee were amazing for the hardware.

I like the dog and the guy that fights with his feet only.

Any infinite combos known for this game?

I don’t know how to do them but I know for a fact the dog guy has a corner inf. I’ve seen a combo video where they show it…and also some 100% combos…the game is pretty interesting though. I kinda play it every now and then but never really got too deep into it. But its pretty fun in a weird way ha…later.


Supposedly an update to Matrimelee is coming out for the PS2 sometime, neo-geo.com had a link to it, but unsure about any specifics, like whether it’s an update or a sequel.

Interested, but the gameplay needs some minor work (but still less then many other recent releases)

All right good stuff…I’m gonna experiment with that infinite combo for sure…