Power Instinct Matrimelee

I see a few people playin this, but Ive searched around for it and havent found much info on it.

Post up any info/vids/screenshots you guys have.

I wrote one of the two guides that are on gamefaqs for this game. (Shadow Theory) Though because I never found too much competition in it I may not be able to say much about tiers and junk, since usually I only could round up a few opponents. (So no higher level babble coming from me.)

I can post up screens if you are interested though, I’ll see what I can get together tommorrow.

http://www.combovideos.com/page.php?id=441 (combo vid)

Big download (160MB+) and long with lots of preset effects, so just a warning if that’s not your cup of tea.

And I still say that Sissy may be the cheapest last boss ever, even over Gill.

To bad every time i’ve tried to Dl and play this game, mame will not load it :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you ever fought Johann from RotD? He’s definatly the hardest Ive ever fought.

Justice GG1…

on topic If anyone can help me get this game working i’ll gladly play some matches.

Apparently no one has played Spectral vs Generation… because without a doubt, Heavenly God Earth is the cheapest most unbeatable boss ever created. Just watch as be whips out a 16hit/75% combo on you, while you’re still laid out on the ground. That’s not even funny…

What about the guy from Psychic Force with the time stop super? (I haven’t played the game in awhile, so I just remember getting hit by that a few times and it sucked.)

Or, Tech Romancer’s last boss who you technically have to defeat four times in a row, because of how the health bars work.

i agree about johann being the hardest boss ever

Guess no one can help me lol

Im with you too buddy, I cant seem to get the game running.

hmm I have it running on my xbox just fine… make sure you have up to date files…

Scroll down a bit on this page for some info: (I assume they’re playing Power Instinct 2)


I’v played it before, it’s a decent game, not the best fighter around, but it’s got some style to it. Some Rage of the Dragons characters make special appearance too. If you need some more info, let me know. I’ll hook you up.

Have you guys played the Ps2 version??? Also know that in the Matrimelee version Corderroy is talking about on FBA XXX Poochy has a Semi infinite combo…

The ROTD characters in the game are decent and some like Lynn are actually better in the system of this game…

Some characters like the Hammer girl have ground infinites as well…

Does anyone play the PS2 version?? I could write up quite a bit about this game surely…

Msg me on AIM if anyone wants to play this.

Or me ^^; (here’s lookin’ at you 9999)
(ps sweet new ava. totally rockin’ except… Grant suxorz!)