"Power is Everything." - The Jin Kazama Thread


This thread literally called me with the Power is everything, lol. I should have opened this thread. Anyway, I think EWHF is not as good as EWGF lol , that might be one weakness for Jin


Post #2 updated - I included information on Jin’s actual frame data, insight on Omen Stance, and multiple abilities in Jin’s arsenal. My next target will be Jin’s combos, juggles and various things to do during Tag Assist.


Is anyone else having trouble getting CD+4 to come out?

I’m getting all the other crouch dash moves just fine but for some reason the majority of what I intend to be CD+4s come out as ws+4, am I missing some kind of timing trick here or something?


It requires more precision than the other CD moves. You’re gonna wanna press the 4 at the same time as the df, so instead of crouch dashing and then pressing 4, you’ll want to crouch dash and press 4 at the same time. Similar to how the EWGF and EWHF works, but I think it’s more lenient than those moves. Might be my imagination. Turn on the button inputs in practice mode and watch it done from the command list, and you’ll see it better.


Thanks, that makes sense, and I guess practicing the EWHF will also help my timing on the kick, always nice to find a way to kill two birds with one stone :P.


Jin gets omen stance from Devil Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jinpachi.

edit: Mokujin gives him omen stance using one of the above fighting styles.


As far as strings that transition into CDS, a few corrections/additions:

df+2,1 (? Doesn’t exist.)


Also, I’d like to make a few statements i disagree with in the original posts.

Jin DOES have fairly decent wall carry.

And he does have safe launchers, especially if we take into account counter-hits. ff+3, CDS1+2 (unsafe against wall) , df+1,4~4. There’s a lot of counter-hit launchers but I won’t go into them now. I’ll try to post later about my general gameplan with Jin.


Thanks for the info everyone! I fixed a few things in relation to Jin’s input commands. I also added a little more information to his Omen Stance moves. Last, all moves that can go into Mental Alertness are corrected.
I apologize for a few aspects of the strengths and weaknesses sections (I do find them a bit strange myself but I put this down for the sake of consistency for now).
The source of that information came from Tekkenzaibatsu.


Well I’m meeting a mate who plays Armour King tommorow and since I seem to fall for frametraps a fair bit I decided to see just what strings of his Jin can parry the end of to punish or at least not get stuck blocking forever if he gets too close.

See the findings below;

Armour King

1,2,1 - Last 1 is parriable after blocking the 2, punish with 2,4
2,1 - The 1 is parryable after blocking the 2, can’t seem to punish
1+2,2 - The last 2 is duckable and launch punishable, can also parry it but no punish
1+2,4 - Can parry the 4 for 1+2 punish
3+4,1 - Can’t seem to parry the 1 after blocking 1+2, but can just jab him out of the air and punish with a juggle
3+4,2 - Can parry the 2 to leave him next to you on the floor, d+4 registers as a punish
f+2,1 - Can’t seem to parry after blocking f+2, can duck and launch punish though
f+3,4,3 - Can parry the last 3 after blocking the 4 for a d+3+4 launch punish
d+1,*,4 - Can’t seem to parry the 4 after blocking the d+1
d+3+4,3 - Can parry the 3 after blocking d+3+4 for a d+3+4 launch punish
b+1,2 - Can’t parry the 2 after blocking the 1
b+1,2,1 - Can parry the last 1 after blocking the 2 for a d+3+4 launch punish

Ten Strings

Forget b+1+2 parry just hold df after the first hit and claim your free low parry juggle

Not planning on doing this for all characters, but might do it for a few more when I’m doing defensive practice.

On another note moving from Paul to Jin, I’m really missing his deathfist and sway 1 for dealing with Chreddys mashing on kicks, does Jin have anything specificly good at counterhitting them for good damage whilst they’re rolling around whiffing kicks and hoping I’ll run into them or should I just try and get a quick move in at the start and run away?


F+4, very long range mid poke that gets a juggle on counterhit. You can either transition to CDS and use CDS 1 to pick them up into a less damaging juggle or you can do CDS cancel into b+2,1 into staple combo. F+4 into CDS cancel is also safe.


Jin is extremely dangerous when you know how to use his parry correctly. In order to do that, it requires a Jin player having very extensive, and very specific match-up knowledge. It takes time and a lot of dedication to develop that foundation with Jin. As the Koreans have been playing TTT2U for a year already they’ve developed that knowledge base with him. Used correctly, the parry makes safe, ‘spammable’ moves unsafe. Even when Jin can’t directly punish a move with a parry, he can still nullify any frame advantage.

Speaking of the parry, Jin can also parry a Tag Crash into d+3+4. It’s a great feeling to see a player burn all of their red life to tag someone in, only to hit them with a d+3+4~5 combo.


Thanks, I need to use that move more in general lol, so I guess this way I’ll get used to remembering it’s there and good.


Just a small note:
For a character specific tag throw - just do Jin’s tradional 2+4 throw and press 5 as you perform the move. Asuka appears and slams the opponent onto the ground. This one everyone should be familiar with.
As for a unique combo…
Perform Jin’s b+1+2 (Power Stance) and press 5 ON HIT. Asuka pops on to the screen you will press 2. Jin goes into b+1 Mental Alertness Stance, press 3. Then press 1+2 for the final blow.
Have fun.


I think I might pick up Devil Jin as a second to Jin on the side. Doing that tag combo.

b+1+2 (power), b+1~4 (omen), 1+2+5, u, 3, 2. So cool. And being able to transform. So cool. I’mma really look into the pair eventually.


I’ve spent matches online trying to do that combo a few times for the hell of it. i go into omen stance and spam 1+2 like no tomorrow. It’s fun. Also it’s fun to parry capo stuff like the db 4 spam i see sometimes. (the rolling high kick, whatever it’s called)


Hello Jin players! Been a while sense I posted anything here!
Please take a look at the following video if you need help with combos. I will provide updates on Jin’s solo combos
later to help everyone get some good damage and win matches! The video needs the courtesy of LevelUpYourGame! (A very fitting name!)


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited! Here is a video consisting of 2 hours worth of Jin Kazama game play (along with Feng, Kazuya, and Devil Jin characters).



Alright, someone’s gotta break down Jin’s wall game for me. I’ve looked at the stuff for T6 and pretty much all of it still works. I hit someone against the wall, all that connects. My problem is after I’ve done a long combo, pretty much used up my bound, and the final blow is the one that knocks them back for the wall splat. Whenever I get over there to try and follow it up, the opponent is already recovering. My midscreen combo usually ends in ff+2, and the wall splat comes from that. What do you do in those situations?


:eek: The wallsplat from f,f+2 is probably too low.

Try using a move that hits opponents higher up. 1,2,4 or 2,4 work most often for me.