Power of CrossUps!

Forgot to post this here…
well just like the title says, gonna reveal my Cross-ups I discovered All By Accident…
not just one, I still got a dozen Cross-ups I didn’t show in the Video
But the Cross Over Air Reset/Cross Up is just a Taste of what I’m about to show in my future video

If you have any cross-ups or Reset combos you want to put in the Video
submit it to me so I can Make it happen!!!
want the video to feature every SoCal Player, but Anyone can Contribute!!!
Don’t know when it would be finished, but when I have enough combos…
I’ll update the thread!!!

and when shall we expect this video.?

work has kept me busy, plus i want everyone I know to contribute,
so IDK when, but hopefully soon…

lol I’ll see if I can get the energy to film something. I got a buncha crap ive never actually used outside of casuals. W/ a lotta characters too.

PS. Yo I found some nice alternate setups for that chun li dash fiercexLL cross you do, after getting crossed with that 4x in a row I decided that I need ta learn this


Fuck, you pulled this shit on me last night. I feel like a dumbass for not watching this video until now.

This video is still happening, with or without SoCal TVC/MVC3 Crew’s help…
Just got to find more Air CrossUp Combos!!!