Power of Shadowloo

How much power does Shadowloo pocess in the comic book adaptation based on what we have seen so far (14)?

I assume that they are the strongest crimanl organization in the world. 2nd to the illuminati right ?

shadowloo has the following

1 4000 members, 2000 of which are trained martial artists that are
skilled but weaker than the Dolls.

2 50 bases around the world

3 150 jet fighters

4 200 tanks

5 5 subs

6 1 satellite

7 the pyscho drive

Where was this? How did you obtain this information?


We should get Udoneko or Wiz to sticky the plotguide in a thread so that people have a reference point.

Before I created a thread that had links to the SF and Darkstalkers Plot Guides and even a link to Warrior’s Fate a much better place to ask storyline questions and asked for it to be made sticky. And this was when TAS was… “blessing us” with his visit and you know every time he stops by this place turns into armagedon. The thread I created got one stinking post from Mohamedali, no one stickyed it, people continued to ask TAS stuff and armagedon continued until he left. I’d be more than happy to create the thread again (or if someone just stickied the old one) but I feel the thread will be ignored again, no one will sticky it, but whatever. This place doesn’t get that much action that some of us can answer some of these questions. But I think it’s a mandatory thing if TAS visits us again.

Anyway, here’s the thread if someone wants to sticky it. Not holding my breath.


You could atleast post a link to the latest version of the plot guide (4.1).

My link originally had 4.1, but it was from Orochi.com and that link doesn’t work anymore. So I just put up the link Sagatryu threw up here in the last edit I made today. Direct linking on Gamefaqs that has the most recent update, I dunno, Gamefaqs doesn’t really allow direct linking but on some off weeks you can get away with it, is it working this week because most of the time it doesn’t, I don’t even bother trying. At best you can create a link for the faqs of said game and say “pick the one Tiamat wrote.” Heh, what’s the difference, my Thread ain’t getting Stickied, no SF Comics Forum Thread creator will read the SF Plot Guide and just take the lazy way out and keep asking us these noob questions, blarg…(I’m coming down from a hang over, not really in a sunny disposition, sorry…)

I guess if you have a workable link to the SF Plot Guide version 4.1 I’ll swap the one I have out.

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Sano man, my post wasn’t stinking :arazz: lol. I know what you mean though. It would be nice if this was always there. The alternative is to just put it in your sig so people know the link.

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Lots of people rock the SF Plot Guide in sigs, at least they used to. Doesn’t help much. Maybe I’ll put it in my sig when version 4.2 comes out, the Guide’s in serious need of an update right now.

I can host SF plot guide on my site(All Sides of Fightings - www.asof.ru), so you can direct link it. Off course if I will have permission from Tiamat.

P.S. By the way, always wanted to say a big thanks for Tiamats tremendous work, and to Sano as well.