Power of the creator x 3

Are there any good combos or confirms that will lead into the root?

This move seems like it’d be devastating,but it’s rarely used. It looks like his level 3, but for some reason, it wasn’t programmed to OTG. I figure that assists like shopping cart or berserker barrage can help, but it isn’t easy to pin someone down with just dorm…

Why go 3 creators when all the other spells are much better.

every character has to atlas have one trash move, and 3 creators is Dormammus.

Would have been fun to combo into, but i dont think it last very long either. Maybe x factor into it from a grounded CF then tp in for mix ups?

I guess the main prob is that you’re better off just going for the damage u get from the other spells

I like using it as an assist mostly, so Chris can do some insane amounts of chip, or for Doom, no more chicken blocking high / low mixups.

I won’t lie, I’m a little surprised you are able to use the Liberation Assist (successfully?) against actual people.

It has some application that i believe has yet to be discovered. Example, using Creator X3 with character that have command hypers. This will force your opponent to press buttons to defend themselves and/or call assists which are free assist kills. Creator 3 lasts 7 seconds I do believe maybe 5 not sure.

“Command” hypers?

I’m guessing he/she meant Command Grab Supers? (LVL3s) (Haggar, Nemesis, etc?). Utahs Bowser, please correct me if I’m wrong here.

IMO, I don’t think so. As many have mentioned here, it’s the worst of his Dark Spells. Taking the time to charge up even 2C1D gives him guaranteed meter building, zoning, pressure, and even a possible trade in Dorm’s favor because of the buff to that particular Dark Spell.

If somehow a good player got locked down by that Assist, what makes you think they just wouldn’t try and block? A dumb player might just start mashing buttons and Assists to get out of situation X, but what ever happened to just blocking? I’ve seen lots of good players just straight up block mixups for 5 or more seconds until it was safe to start fighting back. Also isn’t hard tagging a way out of your character getting locked down by 3C0D (even if that character might come back in still affected)?

3C literally locks down your opponent for the time you mentioned, but almost everything that Dorm has at his disposal in a normal match (Tri-Jumps, Teleport Mixups, Mixups w/ Assists, Stalking Flare Mixups, Mixups with other Dark Spells, etc etc) replicates the same effect without the high risk/low reward (and you build meter if most of the normally used Dark Spells are blocked/hit!).

Also Karst, please correct me if I’m wrong but don’t characters that have movement options outside of jumping (i.e Teleporters) still have that option of movement when affected by 3C0D?

No you are right. Any kind of alternate movement that makes the character leave the ground will work even when hit with 3C0D.

I have actually been playing with this a bit as a way to force a fuzzy guard situation, it completely removes the opponents ability to chicken block, which actually makes it… kinda sort of almost useful… in some weird situations.

Okay, to be honest, I only do it when I accidentally overcharge C and realize it after I already have all 3 built up. But still, it does remove the opponents ability to chicken block… so there is that.

You are correct. It’s one of the big limitations of 0D3C.

I’m certain that there is some crazy use for the 3C but the only one I can think about is using it and then swapping in akuma for a completely unavoidable demon armagheddon. I’d say you could just use the assist version to do this but it’s so tediously hard.

lol that would be fun. Can you super right after 3C so it combos?

Have you actually done this to a human being? It sounds ridiculously situational like a lot of things that deal with 3C0D

As mentioned earlier, can’t characters with other ways of movement (Flight, Teleports) avoid getting caught by the Demon?

I’m pretty sure the only way to combo into 3C0D is with spencer grapple assist. 3c0d doesn’t otg so the opponent has to be standing. I’m pretty sure spencer’s assist is the only one that restands opponents. I haven’t tried it myself but but im sure a simple walk bounce with dark matter will combo into assist in liberation or even doing a simple air combo>flame carpet>assist> liberation. I dont play spence so i’ll nvr do it but if some one wants to test it it would make for a nice combo vid :slight_smile:

That would be hilarious. I’m gonna try and do this online.

Personally I only ever use it by accident, like if I’m charging spells on the go and forget what I’ve charged, and end up getting 3C. When it works I’m always too surprised and hardly make anything of the chance lol.

^Lol that always happens to me. People think I’m doing it on purpose and get all excited about it.

and you can combo grenade launcher with it in the corner :] so nice.

ive gone for this willingly a few times when im in the lead , generally i like to condition opponent to block high with charged spells / dark matter then slip this in after a thrown dark matter . When its hit i call drones and then its pretty much guranteed dead character

Definetly has potential for some filthy stuff i reckon