Power Outage

I was at my friends place while he was playing some sweet SSFIV, and then, suddenly, the power went out. No idea why, weather is nice and warm here in Seattle, car must of hit the power pole or something.

Anyways, we were discussing about how long it would take the power to come back. He told me that he almost died when his power was out for 2 days because he could not take it. I was shocked, whenever my power goes out, it takes 4 days on average for it to get turned back on.

The longest my power was ever out was in 2006 when I lost it for 8+ days. So, what is the longest your power has even been out?

um…a couple hours?
Thank god for hydroelectric

I think its a sign, stop playing shitty fighting games & go out.

Your location : Renton Wa.
My location : Renton Wa.

Your stats: power is out.
My status : power is not out.


I remember when the power went out for 2 days that your friend described. It was fun. I think it was about 5-6 years ago during winter break and I went to the park with friends and played football in the snow.

4 days? wtf? and you pay for this service? or is it PSN electric?

Your friend almost died cuz the power was out for to days? What a bitch.

2.5 weeks when hurricane charlie fucked shit up in 2004.

Sall good we still had alcohol and ciggarattes :stuck_out_tongue:

2 weeks without electricity. Fucking hurricanes are business.

about 10 days last year. All’s good though.


7 days… in the summertime(where we have 90-100 F summers)… not fun at all…

i think longest i’ve gone w/o electricity was about 4 days (moved to my current location and couldnt get electricity due to holiday weekend or some shit). i remember i went almost a week without hot water for a shower. sure it was hard at first, but i got use to it by day 2.

I hear this!

Power outage for me usually means me busting out my game gear with master converter. Sadly, I don’t have any other portable systems.

2 weeks. Also because of hurricanes.

Longest I ever went was 4 days. However, that was out in the field during basic training, so that doesn’t really count.

2 weeks.

I was out of power for about 5 days, because I forgot to pay the deposit, lol.

Almost a day for me.

Also, I had a power out during high school in the morning but we couldn’t leave early. It was because the principal was a bitch and made us wait until the end to leave and the power was still out.

Northeast Blackout of 2003 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I still remember that day. I was downtown when it happened as I was coming home. Suprisingly it was a good night also. I actually saw the stars like I had never seen them before in the city.

Good times…

Last year when Hurricane Dolly hit south tx I was without power for I would say 6 days. I live deep south and it averages over 100 degrees in the summer. I was the only person in my family not bitching about the electricity and that it’s too hot. For some reason it didn’t bother me a whole lot. Only at night was it a bother because I have a really hard time sleeping in warm temperatures hence why my room is always freezing at night.

In fact there is a tropical storm turning hurricane heading right for where I live as I type this actually.