Power Play Beatdown Official Results!

What an amazing event. I hope everyone had a good tournament experience and had tons of fun. I know I did. Shout outs are coming but here are the official results.


  1. W00tstick - Dictator ($210.00)
  2. Cylus - Boxer/Sagat ($60.00
  3. Chris Brown - Dictator ($30.00)
  4. Doom - Ken
  5. Shinblade - Ryu
  6. Boom Cube - Rufus
  7. Lycan - Akuma
  8. Eraser - Dictator
  9. Pjan - Blanka/Honda
  10. Hiryu - Abel
  11. Severin - Abel
  12. Joseph Hampton - ?
  13. Adrian Conley - ?
  14. Fenix - Cammy
  15. Bishop - Boxer
  16. Mekkanic - Chun
  17. Forest - ?
  18. Gdbell - Sagat/Akuma
  19. Daniel Starves - ?
  20. Squabbler - Akuma
  21. Flymike - Honda
  22. Justin Degraft - ?
  23. Brad Starnes - ?
  24. Lil Majin - Zangief
  25. Sean Morrison - ?
  26. TJ - ?
  27. DaRabiduckie - Sagat/Cammy
  28. Matt - ?
  29. Gene - Akuma/Sakura
  30. Geo - ?

Tekken 6

  1. Lil Majin - King ($120.00)
  2. Clark - Armor King ($35.00)
  3. KodeeVu - Kazuya/Lars ($17.00)
  4. Bishop - Miguel/Law
  5. Professor Gene - Hwo
  6. Shinblade - Steve
  7. Anotsu - Yoshi/Devil Jin
  8. Sampson - Paul
  9. Azure Pheonix - Lily
  10. Chris Brown - Lars
  11. Lycan - Eddy
  12. Dimo - Lei
  13. Flymike - Ganryu
  14. J.Hobbs - Hwo
  15. Dominus - Anna
  16. Christopher Watson - ?
  17. Robert Wimbley - ?

For SF4-
Good shit O. You always beast me in in SF4 for bullying you in Tek lolol. I know that matchup and I pray that you throw air fireballs so I punish with headbutt, get inside, and kill you instantly. But my execution is so off that I can’t do anything. Lol, I’ll start back playing when Super drops…maybe. :bgrin:

Bishop, same shit, different day right lol? Turtle-fest squat match and you had more patience than me yesterday. Good shit.

For T6-
Good shit “Evil Thug” Gene(he was braided up this time) for killing hope. It was close, but you’re still Gene. Infused with the orochi cornrolls.

Good shit…Lil Melvin!!! for taking me out tourney with 6 button Saturn pad. I’ll never tease or sleep on you again. But now you getting smashed into oblivion this week and for now on. That’s the responsibility of growing up and showing your ass. Lol goddamn props. :tup:

Appreciate everyone WHO DID come out and support. Needless to say I was kinda distracted yesterday lol but it’s all to the good. Crunk ass late-night matches at J Hobbs Paperstacks’ crib also.

Until next time.

C/P from TN thread:

Shout outs incoming:

Very good games to all that came out to the Memphis tourney. I know I for one had an absolute blast and it was great to see everyone again. Can’t wait for the next event/next opportunity for multiple segments of the TN scene to reunite.

It was great meeting the new faces of the Memphis crew (new to me at least since it was the first time i met you guys, lol):
-Squabbler and Eraser, good to meet you guys. Thanks for letting me borrow sticks lol. Eraser you have a solid ass Bison sir. Shadaloo must continue to grow. Squab, don’t let the BOOTS discourage you. Roundhouse may be a bitch, but Bison doesn’t get like 300 plus damage off a BnB.

-Hiryu I didn’t get to play you or see any of your matches, but you are a super cool dude and great company. Enjoyed kicking it with you sir.

-Cylus Solid ass Sagat and Balrog. Next time we do Sag vs. Bison, I am fighting on the ground, no more giving you ultras, lol. GGs sir and had fun chillin with you as well.

-Duckie Thank you for use of Boobie Stick. Tightness served me well as I target combo’d to ultra’d Shinblade a foot off of the ground (Marcus if you are reading this it’s all love lil nigga witcha Khushnood Butt edge up). Also, post fight chilling was coo’

-SmashterLink and gdbell Good stuff fellas. Smashter if i am remembering correctly you were the Ryu player i fought in casuals. This man DOES NOT JUMP, lol. Very smart play. gdbell, yeah man i had to get my scruples together, lol. Don’t be so TU/TK happy man, once i realized that I was able to punish accordingly. Try to feel out your opponent for a bit, and see how they react, then remember to adjust accordingly. GGs to you sir.

To Memphis OGs (lol)

-Lycan Thanks for running the events man, I had a great time. Also, thanks for coming to kick it with us knowing good and damn well your wife would be pissed, lol. GRACIAS POR TODO MI AMIGO!

-Sev Good to see you again man. I’m toss around some ideas for that Bison T avatar. You, Mike and I should brainstorm, lol.

-Jan Good seeing you sir, Memphis got the Filipino Brigade in effect, lol. I’ll spot you some fries next time no worries.

-Mike Never disappoint with the posts, lol. Nigga y’all had me dyin all day dude. Y’all are like if Bernie Mac was from Memphis, y’all just say regular shit and it’s funny. And when you and Hobbs got together, fuck it, done deal mang. Does Hobbs, post up here? If not tell him thanks again from us for letting us crash there. Eddie was hella tired and i don’t blame him for not wanting to drive through a storm at 3am while tired.

Also, I succumbed to Hand Clap Electric this time, but next time nigga I’m comin through wit a fresh perm and Boots coated in tempura batter. Get at these feet nigga. u/f+4 and u/f+3 to da def o’ me BITCH.

Mid TN repped it in both games. Dimo and I tied for 9th and I got my first tourney win in Tekken.

Apologies for epic ass post and if i left anyone out. Will copy/paste in results thread. DEUCES.

That final was too much…Great event!

So much Bison, almost made me cry.