Power Play Beatdown: Sat, March 27th SF4 and Tekken6...Memphis, TN

Sup fellas,
It’s that time again! Memphis is hosting another tournament for your enjoyment. Power Play VG has been an amazing Venue and thus far has shown their passion for the true gamer allowing us to do Wednesday night fights and soon Tekken casuals! Lets show our support with attendance and all around tournament Hype!

Staurday, March 27th

Power Play VG.
841 N. Germantown Pkwy.
Cordova, TN, 38018


Venue and pot fee’s:
Venue Fee will be $10.00
Street Fighter 4 will be $10.00
Tekken 6 will be $10.00
As you know, Venue fee and pot fee’s are seperate. This will be a traditional 70/20/10 payout!

Signups and Casuals Begin at 2:00pm.
Street Fighter 4 Singles will promptly begin at 3:00pm
Tekken 6 will promplty begin at 4:00pm

2 games will be hosted at this tournament!

Street Fighter 4 Singles will be played on both Xbox anb PS3!
Tournament format:
2/3 rounds.
2/3 matches.
Double Elimination Style.
Random Stages.
Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Final will be 3/5 matches!

Tekken 6BR singles will be played on PS3 only!
Tournament Format:
3/5 rounds.
2/3 matches.
Double Elimination.
Random Stages.
Loser’s/Winner’s Finals will be 3/5 matches!
Grand Finals will be 4/7 matches!

If out of towner’s show up, which they should, I will seed the brackets according to location so that no one from their hometown plays another person from said town! Atleast not in the first couple of rounds!

As of right now we have 3 confirmed setups!
2 full PS3 setups.
1 Xbox setup.
This is were I ask you, the community, to help out and bring a full setup if at all possible. Please post up if you can! Venue fee will not be waived for me nor anyone if you bring a setup but be nice and try to bring one anyway! Ideally, it would be great to have 3 PS3 setups and 3 Xbox 360 setups.

This of course is BYOC (bring your own controller)! Most of us are chill and will lend controllers/arcade sticks as long as you don’t go crazy with them! After your match is over, please turn your controller off and/or unplug your arcade stick! This will eliminate the hassle of you interrupting someone’s tournament match because you hit the home button!

Other General Rules, please keep the salt to a minimum! Hype is always welcome, but please remember that this is a public Venue/Business so please watch the language! No physical contact either! That’s just wrong anyway!

If you have any other questions just post up, send me a PM, or drop an email off at orel.paez@gmail.com

Nashville, Where you AT???
Little Rock, Where you AT???
Jackson, MS, Where you AT???

Shit, it starts at 2 PM? That’s a lot earlier than I expected, but I’ll be there regardless.

2 games = we need more times. Hence the staggering start times aswell!
Hype none the less!

Oh, the venue should have 1 xbox setup on hand, they provided one for the last tourney.

soooo hype guys! i got a ps3 if needed just not the tv.

I can bring a 360 with all the characters unlocked. I think we need to make sure all the characters are unlocked on every setup. I know there aren’t many (if any) Seth/Gouken players here but JUST IN CASE, they should be unlocked. And personally, I don’t think wireless 360 controllers should be allowed. Too much hassle.

Will do good sir!
I will update the post about the Wireless controller situation!

damn, that early?

i can make it to the event but i dont know if i would make it by 4 to play tekken 6.

I’ll have to see if i can get off work early that day or something. If only it were at 5 or 5 30 it would be a different story.

Just keep me updated to see if you will get off early! If it will be only a few minutes late I can still add you to a bracket just a later match!
Sorry about the inconvenience but with running 2 games a having a decent turn out last time, we will need a bit more time!


A few things:

  1. I can bring a PS3/Monitor setup for Tekken 6 or SF4, and a 360 for SF4. Just let me know what’s needed.

  2. Is that right where it says all T6 matches are 3/5 rounds?

  3. A trick I learned at FR is to have a dummy PS3 station set up for people to synch their pads after playing. This minimizes DQs because of pads pressing home.

Please bring as much equipment as you can. As I have learned in my tournament experience, there is no such thing as " too many setups"! By the way, thanks for all the support you have shown to the TN scene!

All tournament tekken matches are standard to 3/5 rounds!

The synching station is cool and was also used at KiT but honestly, I don’t think there will be enough space. If there is, we will have one!

me, grand viper, and kodee are comin from Nashville to support. Fresh off of Final Round competition…

I’m brining a ps3 setup with EVO monitor.

Lookin like Nash will have a solid showing here fellas. Can’t wait!

man im really hoping i can make it out to this! gotta get some more experience playing with you tekken gurus.

Hopefully you can make it Dimo. Many tekken players will be at this tourney!


Shut up foo! That’s right! If we meet in the brackets, yo ass is going to loser’s!

I will be bringing another TV for use in the tourney and the PS3 HARP for anyone that needs it.

I can bring my PS3 with SF4 (and a 19 inch tv if needed)