Power Rangers (Genesis) Hidden moves please assist



I’m doing a series on youtube looking at one game and demonstrating all attacks available in game trying to avoid appying combo or strategy. Is there anyone who could assist in uncovering these devestating moves? This isn’t the only game that has some mystery left undiscovered.

There’s another Super Famicom game I want to delve into called Super Chinese Fighter but there’s no movelist online. I’d appreciate it if someone could assist in trying to figure the inputs.

I have only managed to mash out 4 moves for Power Rangers. The input leniency is very generous. I can mash hcb motions and jam at the buttons and get a qcf motion move. As a result I’ve tried alternating the half circle motions with some luck but it’s still very much a guessing game. You can use these moves at any point in the game and don’t need meter to perform them.


Sup Toom :stuck_out_tongue: I will be looking into it a lil more at some point especially since I know how to play the monsters in story mode now


Yo toom tried out the MMPR with the stick and I can tell you straight that the leniency for the inputs is probably what they could not get around to implement the supers properly lol. I did them all there is a couple that are multiple semi circle inputs and some that are 360 pretty much any of them with semi circle input moves have multiple 360 motion supers and all the power rangers have 360 as well including the evil ranger who has the same super as the other rangers. You can buffer them from pretty much anything tho multiple jabs will keep you on the floor, heavy attacks obviously are quite slow, special attacks as well, you can even buffer from backdash actually is an imba way to counter someone trying to rush you etc


Try inputting them at the start of the match if you are having trouble. 360 upwards is the way to go for the 360 ones. There are more like 720 is what I am basically saying


wtf. in my memory the characters were like 50x bigger lol…weird


Wa´sn´t it the snes version?


I think you’re thinking of this one.