Power Rangers - The Lost Episode II

Hey shoryuken,

I made a power rangers episode a couple months ago that was my own rendition of how the Green Ranger (from MMPR) really joined the team. After several months and many comments/suggestions that I should make another episode, I finally gathered a new cast and finished it.

This NEW EPISODE deals with how the White Ranger joins the team. Hilarity ensues. :rofl:

Power Rangers The Lost Episode II:

By the way, I am the Red Ranger. :cool:

Visit my website if you want the higher quality version of this episode.


Power Ranger The Lost Episode I (Previous Episode):

Thanks guys, and hope you enjoy the episode.

I demand more.

And for the record. The pink ranger? :hitit:

Too it hit I’d…


man u guys still belong in trees

That was off the chain. Hopefully you have more in the works. Keep it up.

that’s pretty hilarious. hahaha. keep up the good work.

power rangers ftw lol

:lol: man, i totally concur with valaris.

:wink: Most of that was terrible but there are some real great moments like the FF victory music and the brilliant Morphers. :wink: